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Major in Physics

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Physics, one of the major basic sciences, essentially focuses on the elements of matter, their interaction, energy and applications. Physics plays a fundamental role both in the sciences and in the world of technology. It also provides the skills for dealing with all of the scientific concepts. An understanding of physics is also useful for students in social sciences and valuable for anyone interested in the full range of human culture. MUIC offers to produce Physics Major graduates who are knowledgeable and highly qualified in this scientific discipline. There is a great demand for graduates in physics who can contribute to both national development in science and technology and international scientific advancement.

Career Opportunities

  • Researcher in international institutes
  • Education
  • Financial analysts
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants at technology-based company

Course Structure

Foundation Courses Non-credit
General Education Courses 44 credits
– English Communication
16 credits
– Natural Sciences
4 credits
– Humanities and Foreign Languages
12 credits
– Social Sciences
8 credits
– Physical Education
4 credits
Major Courses 124 credits
– Core Courses
38 credits
– Major Required Courses
62 credits
– Major Elective Courses
24 credits
Free Electives  8 credits

Total Credits Required
No Less Than 176 Credits

Note: If students are placed into the ‘Advanced Track’ for their General Education requirement in English Communication, 4 credits of General Education in English Communication will be waived.

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