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Programs and Workshops

Every student will need particular skills in order to search and apply for their first job. The Career Development Unit offers training and workshops that will help you better market yourselves in order to find the best opportunities and develop impressive interviewing skills.

Upcoming Career Event

MUIC Job Fair and Study Abroad Fair

The MUIC Job Fair and study Abroad Fair is conducted once a year, usually scheduled early in the second trimester, during which a wide range of top companies, organizations, and universities around the world are represented. It offers the convenience of multiple recruiters in one place. Students have an opportunity to explore a variety of options, fill out application forms and engage in interviews.

A number of firms may be represented by MUIC alumni who can provide insight about working for a particular firm and about their own efforts in finding their first job. The Job Fair is usually organized in conjunction with a Study Abroad Fair, so that MUIC students have an opportunity to explore options for graduate studies as well.

Career Talks

Since MUIC enjoys close ties with top international companies, professionals and alumni are invited to speak about their work experiences in a particular industry or profession. The speakers range from corporate presidents responsible for global enterprises to management trainees who have recently begun their first job. The student audience is encouraged to participate. On several occasions a question or articulate response from a student to an executive or a human resource regional director of an international organization has led to that student being hired after graduation.

Resume Workshop

The resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is a condensed version of one’s experience and interests and is a required document when applying for a job or graduate studies. Most recruiters use the resume as a screening process in order to reduce the pool of applicants who will eventually be interviewed.

In writing a resume, there is always the temptation to exaggerate one’s experiences. On the other hand, there may be the problem of minimizing one’s accomplishments even though they may well be considerable. The resume workshop addresses both of these issues, helping students to better market themselves and their skills to the point where their background is both believable and compelling.

Mock Interviews

Receiving an appointment for an interview is an accomplishment. It means that you have been chosen from that small, select group that a business is truly interested in hiring. However, an interview has its own demands. You will be required to do your research and know as much as possible about the organization beforehand. While you can mentally prepare yourselves to answer the most likely questions, the best alternative is to practice interviewing.

MUIC fourth-year students are invited to attend special sessions during which they practice the art of interviewing, make mistakes, receive feedback and then try again, ensuring in the long run that their improvement will be noticeable.


MUIC Final Touch

All prospective graduates are required to participate in the Final Touch, which primarily consists of an extended panel discussion with MUIC alumni and experts, who may represent business, finance, the hotel or entertainment industries, education, non-governmental organizations, and further degree. The discussion focuses not only on their work experiences but also on how they manage their lives in terms of family, friends, recreation and contributions to their respective communities.