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Disciplinary Procedures

  1. Disciplinary action against any student who has committed an offense cannot proceed without the university investigating the details of the case.
  2. If any student is accused with sufficient evidence, the Dean shall immediately appoint a committee to investigate and verify the matter unless the following scenarios have occurred:

    2.1 The student has committed a criminal offense, which is the responsibility of the courts and legal system.
    2.2 The student has committed a disciplinary offense and confessed as much in a written statement or a verbal statement to the Dean or to the Investigating Committee.

  3. The Investigating Committee consists of the university president, members and a secretary, totaling no fewer than three persons who are required to complete any investigation within 60 days, commencing from the acknowledged date of the appointed order.

Requests for Review of Decisions (Appeals)

  1. Any student who is punished under these regulations and disagrees with such punishment is entitled to an appeal according to the rules stipulated in these regulations. During the appeal period, the student remains liable for the punishment.
  2. The appellant must submit a written and signed appeal which can be submitted personally; it is prohibited to assign another person to appeal on one’s behalf.
  3. The student wishing to appeal is entitled to see the investigative report. However, the inclusion of witness statements may be withheld, depending on the discretion of the Head of the Investigating Committee.
  4. The Appeals Committee must consist of at least five persons and not more than seven who are holding positions as legal officers or are graduates of law; at least one person is appointed by the President and a rotation system is supervised by the President.
  5. The Appeals Committee has the following powers and duties:
    5.1 Consider and make judgments on all appeal matters. 5.2 Issue written orders summoning any person to give statements or deliver documents or materials to support any appeal. 5.3 Appoint members or groups of members to consider appeals or take action within the scope of the Committee’s powers. 5.4 Other duties as assigned by Mahidol University.
  6. An appeal against any order for punishment shall be submitted to the Committee within 15 days from the acknowledged date of the punishment.
  7. The written appeal letter must be directly submitted to the Committee which will make a judgment within 30 days from the date on which the appeal was received. An extension of time may be granted, provided it is recorded as evidence, and shall not exceed 60 days.
  8. If the Committee decides that the punishment order is appropriate to the offense or that the punishment is unsuitable and unfair, the Committee, with the President’s approval, will either dismiss the appeal or move for acquittal, whatever the case may be.
Any such decision shall be regarded as final and the Committee shall transmit its written decision to the appellant.
  1. Regarding the time periods stipulated in these regulations, should any deadline fall on a university holiday, the following work day shall be counted as the last day of the prescribed period of time.
  2. The President is responsible for the implementation of these regulations. If there is any problem regarding compliance with these regulations, the President is empowered to finalize any orders.