Thai and Japanese Food Featured in MUIC, Chiba Uni Staff Event

Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Project Development Unit (PDU) and Human Resources Development Unit collaborated with Chiba University International Student Division (CU-ISD), Japan in organizing the P2P Staff Development Project Session 2 on November 19, 2021 with the topic “Thai Food and Japanese Food” on an online platform.

Food is one of the common interests that connects people together which is why it was chosen by the four speakers. Ms. Sutasinee Teekabut and Ms. Phanita Pooteang-On from MUIC gave a presentation about characteristics of Thai food, Thai eating custom and the cuisine of each region in Thailand. Ms. Yin Lin and Ms. Maria Hanako Ferries, the speakers from Chiba University, talked about the features of Japanese food, its varieties, and typical Japanese dining customs. Aside from their presentations, the speakers hosted a bingo game as a fun way to share much information about each of the two countries’ food culture to the participants.

The second session of P2P Staff Development Project was staged successfully with over 40 administrative staff participating. Incidentally, the event was held on Loy Kratong Festival so both Japanese and Thai staff were invited to enjoy Loy Kratong songs eliciting happy smiles at the end.