THM-MUIC Students Join Locals to Promote Other Side of Pattaya

International Hospitality Management Students enrolled in the ICIH 433 “Tourism Package Management” class under Dr. Kaewta Muangasame have joined local businesses on March 3, 2019 to promote Sattahip and Pattaya in Chonburi province.

The course, which is mainly about managing and designing a tour package, gave students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience including choosing a destination, selling tickets, and managing the tour.

A group named I’m Thai Tour has seen the potential of local businesses in Sattahip and Pattaya in promoting these areas as travel destinations in the future. The team of students then decided to survey these places and create a package tour with the theme “Unlock the Ocean.” Aside from boosting local tourism, the package tour was also aimed at helping the environment.

The itinerary included the Marine Science and Conservation Camp at Samaesarn, Fisherman Village at Bangpho Market, and dinner at Cape Dara Resort. Not just another typical tourism trip, the team also wanted to familiarize tourists with the coral reef situation in Thailand, the dwindling number of fish catch, and the operations of illegal fisherman in the Pattaya area.

The team also adopted the idea of community-based tourism by serving as a tour company working together with locals in order to help them generate more income and knowledge and at the same time support local businesses to be well-known in the industry through both tangible and intangible values.