Under APHMP, MUIC-THM Students Can Study in Thailand, HK and Australia

The Asia-Pacific Hospitality Management Programme (APHMP) is the first of its kind at Mahidol University International College (MUIC). It is a tripartite student exchange programme co-hosted by the Tourism and Hospitality Management Division (THM) of MUIC, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the School of Tourism of the University of Queensland (UQ). Each university shall admit a number of students from each of the other two universities. As a cohort, the selected CUHK, UQ, and MUIC students will spend one term at each of the three host institutions.

The selected students start their study at MUIC from September to December. They continue at the CUHK from January to April in the following year and finish their study at the UQ from July to the end of November. The students can take their internship at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong after their study at the CUHK. This internship could substitute for the Internship 2 requirement of MUIC’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Division. On this basis, THM students who join this programme have a privilege to take the Internship 2 in advance instead of taking it after they complete their studies. 

The students will be allowed to take core, language, and elective courses at the host universities.  They pay normal tuition fees to the home university in accordance with its policies. Regarding accommodations, the CUHK will provide dormitories to students at an affordable rental fee while UQ will assist students in looking for appropriate accommodations. 

The main essence of the programme is to let students of the three universities experience new teaching and learning environments and cultural differences and encourage them to form a small community through which they could build and extend their friendship after they finish their university education.  On this basis, cohort students are encouraged to take the same courses at the three universities so as to strengthen their mutual understanding and affinity with one another.


The fifth cohort of the programme starts in September. In the past four cohorts, 29 students joined the programme. Below are comments of some of the students:

MUIC also focused on our work-life balance…the professors were very thoughtful and helpful. Apart from guiding me through my learning journey, they provided us emotional support.” (Ms. Joyce Chan of CUHK)

The learning environment in Hong Kong was competitive; students were mostly productive…There were several activities going on during the semester for exchange students to attend. The noteworthy volunteer project I was part of was teaching English to children at the schools in the rural area. UQ tends to encourage more engagement between the instructor and students. Additionally, there are more than 200 clubs and societies available for students to join to boost social life while studying there.” (Ms. Khajeephan Siripanyapak of THM)

The highlight of my studies at UQ was undertaking the UQ-Mahidol-CUHK tripartite exchange programme. Going on exchange is not just about academic advancement but is also a way to expose yourself to a new teaching and learning environment, make lifelong friends from all over the world, enjoy authentic local cuisines, integrate travelling and studying, and step out of your comfort zone to have new and exciting experiences (Mr. Jack Chan of UQ).”*

Every day was an opportunity to explore somewhere new and I made lifelong friends. Having the opportunity to “live” in a country rather than just be a tourist is really special.” (Ms. Amanda Davenport of UQ)**

THM students who are interested in joining the programme are required to have a GPA of 2.75 and an IELTS score of 6 for CUHK and 6.5 for UQ. Students could contact Asst. Prof. Dr. Ka Tat Nixon Chen of THM (nixon.che@mahidol.ac.th) for more details.

*Source: https://bel.uq.edu.au/story/4407/jack-chan

**Source: https://bel.uq.edu.au/story/7043/amanda-davenport

Students of University of Queensland (furthest left) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (other female students) joined the theme night organized by MUIC internship students.

Ms. Amanda Davenport of the University of Queensland at Mahidol University International College

Students of University of Queensland (furthest left) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (other female students) joined the theme night organized by MUIC internship students.Students of Chinese University of Hong Kong (first and second from the left and second from the right) organized an event with MUIC students.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ka Tat Nixon Chen is a full-time faculty member of the THM Division.