10 Reasons to Study in MUIC

10 Reasons to Study in MUIC

  1. Part of the Mahidol University system. Students benefit from MU’s long history and world-class education (as proven by the high rankings MU has received from international accreditation bodies).
  2. Excellent English education. Due to MUIC’s high standards of teaching the English language, our students and alumni are well-known for their higher-level English skills.
  3. Well-established liberal arts education program. MUIC has been offering liberal arts education for the past 34 years, providing its students with a well-rounded education in science, arts, humanities, languages and literature.
  4. Diverse group of professional and well-qualified professors. Apart from being dedicated to their teaching vocation, a large majority of MUIC educators have graduate degrees and they also engage in academic research and professional pursuits.
  5. International student body. A large percentage of the student population comprises Thailand-based foreigners along with inbound exchange students, enriching the learning environment.
  6. Well-maintained and updated facilities. MUIC invests in up-to-date technologies to provide cutting edge education.
  7. Strong student support. MUIC is committed to providing our students with physical, mental, financial, and psychological support in their university studies.
  8. More than 100 partner universities worldwide. To keep itself updated with global standards, MUIC has active partnership with at least 100 reputable universities around the world.
  9. Caring alumni network. Thousands of MUIC graduates are now in key positions in government and the private sector. They provide support not only to their alma mater but to their younger schoolmates as well.
  10. Graduates are in-demand among employers. Human resources recruiters place a premium on applicants from MUIC. Our alumni enjoy fast hiring and relatively higher rate of starting salaries.

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