Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and other fees vary depending on the program or course selections.

PC/MP Programs

The tuition fee for PC students has been adjusted. The details according to student ID number effective Quarter 1/2020 onwards are as follows:

Fees Amount per quarter (THB / USD) Admission Type
Thai/Foreign Students (via MUIC Entrance Examination) Overseas Students (via PC Direct Track)
PC Tuition Fee 40,400 / 1,347
Mathematics Fee* 8,000 / 266
Placement Test Fee (one-time payment) 1,500 / 50
Overseas Student Fee (one-time payment) 5,000 / 166
Total amount: (effective Quarter 1/2020) 48,400 THB (1,610 USD) 54,900 THB (1,830 USD)

Accepted students to PC Direct Track will be advised to proceed to the payment of fees by international transfer to Mahidol University International College while in an overseas country. Remark

*Students will be recommended a PC mathematics course depending on their mathematics placement result.


MP Tuition Fees

(based on PC quarter)

Amount per quarter


MP course (10 weeks)

30,000 / 1,000


  • Approximate currency exchange rate: 1 USD = 30 THB.

Undergraduate Programs

Tuition and Other Fees are as follows:

Tuition  Resident Non Resident
Lecture credit (Per credit) 3,300 4,700
Lab/studio credit (Per credit) 6,000 7,500
Other Fees
Admission fee (One-time payment) 10,000 10,000
Education service fee (Per trimester) 20,000 20,000
Late registration fee 1,000 1,000
Late payment fee 100-1,000 100-1,000
Add/Drop processing fee (no charge for the first time) 500 500
For non-cash transactions, such as credit card, student will be responsible for transaction/service fee charged    by the service provider
Drop Fee (10% of the tuition fee)
Insurance Premium for full-time international students* (Per trimester)               – 1,500
 *Cost may change
Approximate tuition and fees (for four-year Bachelor Program)
Bachelor of Arts Program
   – Intercultural Studies and Languages Baht   787,800 1,020,200
   – International Relations and Global Affairs Baht   761,400     982,600
Bachelor of Business Administration Program
   – Business Economics Baht   843,900 1,100,100
   – Finance Baht   843,900 1,100,100
   – International Business Baht   843,900 1,100,100
   – Marketing Baht   843,900 1,100,100
Bachelor of Communication Arts Program
   – Media and Communication Baht   832,200 1,068,800
Bachelor of Fine Arts Program
   – Communication Design Baht   954,600 1,203,400
Bachelor of Management Program
   – Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship Baht   794,400 1,029,600
Bachelor of Engineering Program
   – Computer Engineering Baht   819,900 1,058,600
Bachelor of Science Program
   – Applied Mathematics Baht   805,800 1,031,200
   – Biological Science Baht   865,800 1,106,200
   – Chemistry Baht   869,700 1,112,800
   – Computer Science Baht   816,300 1,047,200
   – Food Science and Technology Baht   845,700 1,101,600
   – Physics Baht   860,100 1,105,400
Bachelor of Art and Science in Creative Technology Program: (Approximate tuition fees)
   – Creative Technology (lump-sum payment per term)
The lump-sum payment for Creative Technology Program
is 94,500 THB per trimester for Thai residents and 122,850 THB
per trimester for  non-resident students
 Baht 945,000 – 1,134,000 1,228,500 – 1,474,200
Remark : The aforementioned fees may be subject to change.

Graduate Programs

This section provides insight into total costs associated with graduate programs at MUIC. All students are responsible for keeping up-to-date in paying tuition and student fees until the completion of their program.

 MBA ProgramMBA 4+1 ProgramMM Program
Application & Interview Fees2,500 Baht2,500 Baht2,500 Baht
New Student Fees2,000 Baht2,000 Baht

Credit Fees
(Total 45 credits)

7,500 Baht/credit
(Total 49 credits)

7,500 Baht/credit
(as a bachelor student)

6,000 Baht/credit
(as an MBA student)

7,500 Baht/credit
(Total 45 credits)

Educational Service Fees

21,500 Baht/Trimester
(student ID 6438xxx onwards)

21,500 Baht/Trimester 
(pay when as an MBA student)

21,500 Baht/Trimester
(student ID 6438xxx onwards)

Heath Insurance Fees
(International student only)

3,500 Baht/Year3,500 Baht/ Year
Approx. Expenses of entire program for Thai student
(study plan 5 trimesters)
477,000 Baht401,000 Baht447,000 Baht

Approx. Expenses of entire program for International student
(study plan 5 trimesters)

484,000 Baht404,500 Baht454,000 Baht

Remark: The aforementioned fees may be subject to change.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Undergraduate Students
Mahidol University International College rewards excellence in academics and contributions to society and offers support to students who facing financial problems while studying. Students should have a good academic standing and never have broken the Code of Student Conduct. 

For more information:

Graduate Students
Faculty of Graduate Studies and external organizations offer several financial support and scholarships for both Thai and international graduate students. Interested persons can learn more at