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How many times have people told that you need to become successful or you need to be the best? What social science has taught me is to analyze the society. We are shaped by surroundings that bombarded us with tons of information of who you should be and why. Taking minor in psychology also taught me that when you condition yourself to think like that, soon enough you are trapped by it.

People love to be the best. But if there is one thing I could share, I would suggest that ‘better’ is the best. In my field of study and work, I always tell people that there are two kinds of mindset: the fixed and the growth. Instead of being told that you are the best and you hold that ego so tight, the growth mindset opens you to a space that you could fail and learn to become a better version of yourself.

I still remembered the first time that I went to PC 3, got GPA of 2.22 on my first term, and that feeling of proud when I could turn that into an Honour Degree on my last term. Comparing with my awesome and genius friends, I’m not a straight A student at all. But what I always tell to younger generations when giving a speech is that grade doesn’t matter that much.

As long as you’ve developed your skills and getting better every day, that will, in the end, lead to a good result. Don’t get upset just because someone labels you with ‘D’.

Also with this mindset, life is much more fun when everything has possibility. You could do anything. The world is full of opportunities and experiences. It’s like the playground. And you will be amazed when you see your CV with tons of activities that you have gone through and those memorable moments also the life lessons that you could share with others.

By working and learning, eventually you’ll find your strength and weakness. You will find yourselves and what is that thing you really love to work on. It doesn’t have to be one job. I do many jobs. I’m working with a company bringing in world class speakers to upgrade Thais personal development and success. I occasionally give a speech for younger generations to guide them on choosing the next path of life. I turn my hobby into a part time job which is a singer. I’m a writer and I’m also working towards my goal on taking a master degree in positive psychology. It’s very enjoyable.

For me, MUIC is not just a university that you could sit there for 4 years and get a degree to get a job. If you see it well enough, this is a place that provides you an opportunity to become better.

Everything will challenge you and change you- the course, teachers, friends, lifestyles, and the way you think.

Just make sure you have the growth mindset.