Book Lovers Recommend Their Favorite Reads

The Sigma Club of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) organized a contest called “Book Pitch: What’s Your Favorite Book?” on May 10-14, 2021.

This activity involved the compilation of book reviews by its members. Each participant shared what his/her favorite book is along with a summary, interesting facts, and reasons why he/she recommends the book in the form of a written post or a short video clip on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). In addition to the description, each contestant was also required to rate the book and tag his/her friends.

Thanassorn Limwachiranon won 1st Prize (1,000 Baht cash prize), Elena Narang was adjudged 2nd Prize (700 Baht cash prize) and Anthika Sachaphimukh got the 3rd Prize (500 Baht cash prize).

Extra prize winners were Isabel Rattanadechachan, Siripreeya Phankingthongkum and Yemin Tun.

This contest was able to garner 50 book reviews.