CDP Students Finalists in The Degree Show 2020

Two students from the Communication Design Program made it among the five finalists in this year’s The Degree Show.

Ms. Napassorn Chuprapawan’s project, “Taan-D,” is an application that promotes healthy alms offerings for Thai Buddhist monks while Mr. Chisanupong Tanateerasawat’s project, “Swing Notation,” involves a dancical notation system designed to record swing dance movements. Their entries were under the Graphic Design and Package Design categories, respectively.

There are 6 categories of awards in The Degree Show 2019, including Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, and Motion Graphic Design.

The two students were among 200 applicants in The Degree Show, which is “a platform for young designers to showcase their talents, proclaim their passion and take another step toward crafting out a successful career in design; a mission that will not only help to push forward the country’s creative sectors but also encourage the country’s atmosphere of creativity.

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