Closer Collaboration Between MUIC and Chiba University

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) and Japan’s Chiba University recently took steps towards further strengthening their academic collaboration.

MUIC announced that Prof. Hikari Ishido of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Chiba University, has been appointed to be Adjunct Professor at MUIC for one year beginning April 1, 2019.

During his stay at MUIC, he will serve as the Director of Chiba University Bangkok Center and will work closely with the Business Administration Division and the Project Development Unit of the International Affairs Section to conduct joint research and assist in short-term projects, respectively. He is also tasked to develop and implement programs for Chiba University students enrolled in MUIC and help supervise exchange students from his home university.

On the other hand, Dr. Alexander Nanni, MUIC Associate Dean for International Affairs, has been appointed as an Affiliate Professor of Chiba University and has been tasked to support and collaborate with Chiba University Bangkok Center’s activities and assist Chiba University students enrolled in MUIC.

“We expect that all these activities will contribute to the development of our cooperative relationships and we believe that MUIC and Chiba University will continue to develop even more opportunities for research and education in the future,” said Prof. Takeshi Tokuhisa, President of Chiba University.

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