Don’t Waste Your Time and Others’

After graduating from MUIC majoring in BBA, I was awarded with a full scholarship (Sievert Larson) to study MSc Business Design in Sweden. It was not an easy road for me to study engineering and law when my background is in business. However, that did not stop me from being among the top 10% graduates.

Ms. Charoenporn Kaewmanorom

Starting my first job in market research—which was not relevant to my academic background—gave me another challenge to break through. I was hanging in there by creating the best presentation materials and building good relationship with clients…

…Until I got a more exciting job at Telenor Group (headquartered in Norway) that gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. Again, working as a data scientist 10 years ago when no one understood what data science means or even what market segmentation means. It took me half a year to actually understand the scope of my own job and be able to explain to others what I did :).  Still, not many people can understand it.

It seems challenges have been my favorite food. I thought I would settle down with that Telenor job when everything became so smooth. But again I decided to move on with another job, this time in network analytics in Huawei Technology, the area that I was so inexperienced with. The company was full of R&D experts, engineers, and hard core technical experts. They all spoke the language that I did not. I was hit with another culture shock. However, time flew fast and I enjoyed every single bit I learned from that company.

Now that I’m with True Digital Group as the head of Marketing Analytics and Campaign Operations managing a team of 10 people, I can eventually say I get to do things that I am familiar with and feel very comfortable with. Hard work eventually paid off!  Multiple breakthroughs build strong immunity.

Looking back, I think the most important lesson is I kept doing what I was not good at. I chose to do things that most people try to run away from. My passion is perseverance and breakthrough. It’s not about doing what I feel most comfortable with. Now I can say I am more relaxed than 11 years ago because I have accumulated much knowledge and emotional fundamentals in order to build my career and myself as a person.

Therefore, try to do new things at every stage of your life. Don’t waste your time and others’ by doing things that you are already good at.

Ms. Charoenporn Kaewmanorom currently works as Head of Marketing Analytics and Campaign Operations, True Digital Group