“Environmental Literacy”

Feeling stressed? Bored? Why not explore your surroundings and get in touch with nature? Look around your environment and try to swatch the colour from the nature 

Here is how you do it:
Step 1: Swatch the colour from nature (eg. Plants, flowers, rock) and show what natural materials you use
Step 2 : Post it on your IG story, hashtag #MUICShadesOfNature, tag us @muic.natureloversclub, and tag 2 friends to challenge them
Step 3: Submit the original file and the screenshot of your IG story via the link in our Instagram bio or scan the QR code on our poster

Visit our instagram story and check out the example of the activity
Date: Today – 27th June
Join this activity and get the Activity Transcript under “Environmental Literacy”

Submit it under the link below