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Student Announcements

Change of major Trimester 1/2022-2023

Request & Submission 17 Oct – 4 Nov 2022 Qualified Applicants (ID 588XXXX and onwards) 1. Complete at least one trimester of study by the time of making request.2. Never have been approved for change of major before.3. Be qualified according to …

Student Announcements

Thailand Inter-Schools Competition Organized by the University of Sussex Business School

Dear MUIC students, You are invited to participate in the upcoming Thailand inter-schools competition organized by the University of Sussex Business School. The competition is open to all students studying at Mahidol University International College. Participants have to be in a group …

poster-Accenture Recruitment Talk with MUIC copy
Student Announcements

Exploring Your Career at Accenture for both Thais and Internationals

Internship and Full-time Positions  Meet the largest and the most diversified Global Professional Services firm, learn more about “Accenture Intelligent Operation Center” AIOC in Thailand, and life experience after college. The event is open to all MUIC students, recent graduates, and alumni. …

cover-9-21-22 BA2022_POSTER_Official_Final (1) copy
Student Announcements

FAA Students Participate in “Beyond Animation Festival”

The MUIC Animation Minor program has a small exhibition of posters supporting the French Embassy in Thailand in collaboration with Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association (TACGA). The second edition of Beyond Animation Festival (formerly Franco-Thai Animation Film Festival) on September 22 …

Student Announcements

Study in Sweden on the Road at MUIC

Are you interested in studying in Sweden? Come and meet with the Embassy of Sweden. In the event, not only you will learn how to live and study in Sweden from both inside and outside of the classroom but also scholarships and …

1000-ClubExpo copy
Student Announcements

Around the World of CLUB EXPO

Welcome everyone on board Captain Munmuang is ready to travel with you to “Around the world of club expo” Date : 20-21 September Time : 10:00 – 16:00 Location  : 2 Floor, Adithayathorn Building Captain Munmuang is thrilled to take you to see …

Student Announcements

Parking Lot Registration Announcement Trimester 1/2022-2023 (Round 2)

The parking fee at Aditayathorn Building service on Fl. B3-B2 will be 4,000 THB per semester. Period September 12, – December 12, 2022 (First trimester) – Registration: September 12, (08:30 a.m.) to  September 16  , 2022 (Until 12:00 a.m.) Website only. – Fuel system check:  September 12  , (08:30 …

Student Announcements

Registration Schedule (Trimester 1/2022-2023)

We appreciate a lot that you chose us for your SAT test center o
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

MUIC SAT Test Center’s Covid-19 Prevention Protocol on August 27, 2022

MUIC SAT test center will operate SAT test center on August 27, 2022 by following Covid-19 prevention protocol. All test takers should show up at the registration by 7:00 a.m. The test center requires the following evidence from all test takers Photo of …

first aid room
Student Announcements

MUIC First Aid Room (A216) Temporarily Moved to Exhibition Hall (A235)

Dear All lecturers and staff members, Please be informed that the MUIC First Aid Room(A216) is temporarily moved to “Exhibition Hall (A235)” 2nd Floor, Aditayathorn Building from August 8 – September 23, 2022 due to the renovation. …

MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Parking Lot Registration Announcement

The parking fee at Aditayathorn Building service on Fl. B3-B2 will be 4,000 THB per semester. Period September 12, – December 12, 2022 (First trimester) –Registration: July 18, (08:30 a.m.) to July 29, 2022 (Until 12:00 a.m.) Website only. –Fuel system check: July 18, …

MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

PKU’s New Certificate Program-Machine Learning – Peking University

Dear MUIC students, The International Affairs is pleased to invite you to join PKU’s new Certificate Program-Machine Learning via online platforms provided by Peking University, Republic of China. The program comprises the following: 1. Two online courses (Mathematical Introduction of Machine Learning & Topics …

MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

MUIC Co-sponsors Italian Film Fest and Exhibition

Mahidol University International College, through the Communication Design Program and the Fine and Applied Arts Division, is co-sponsoring “Dolce Vita: Italian Cinema and Culture,” a film festival and exhibition about Italian cinema and culture that will run from May 27 to August …

Campus LifeMUIC News

Blood donation is back

A drop of your blood can save a life! So don’t waste it and donate blood  For Thai students, please bring your national ID card, and for international students, please bring your passport on D-day Location : Charinyarasami Hall (3rd Floor), Aditayathorn …

Blue Yellow Illustrated Classroom Poster
Student Announcements

Exchange info session May 2022

The opportunity to be an exchange student at MUIC starts here! Once again we are pleased to invite you all to join our virtual Exchange Info session on Thursday 19th of May 2022. You will get to understand the process and how …

How I Started My Translation Career
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

“How I started my Translation Career”

“How I started my translation Career” by Avery Fischer Udagawa (Japanese-to-English translator) on Friday 20 May 2022. The Zoom link will be sent before the event. …

1000- Development Studies Week 2022
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Development Studies Week 2022 – University of Sussex

The International Affairs is pleased to invite you to join a Development Studies Week 2022 via online platforms provided by the University of Sussex, UK. Development Studies Week is intended to provide an exciting and highly engaging weeklong series of online events …

1000-What matters in Thailand?
Student Announcements

What matters in Thailand?

Project Development Unit would like to invite MUIC students to join the virtual event and have a dialogue with international students on “What matters in Thailand?” led by Aj. Wimonsiri Hemtanon. Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022 Time: 09.00 am – 11.00 am. via …

01-MUIC Public Lecture on Global Intellectual Property Regime
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

MUIC Public Lecture on Global Intellectual Property Regime

Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Social Science Division held a public lecture on “Multilateralism in the 21st Century: The Global Intellectual Property Regime” on March 25, 2022 via Google Meet. The guest lecturer was Mr. Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General of the …

1000-320212022 copy
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Registration Announcement Trimester 3/2021-2022

1000-specialtalkwithiNT copy
Student Announcements

Special Talk with iNT

In collaboration with the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Mahidol University, the Academic Services Group is pleased to invite you to join our event “Special Talk with iNT” on April 1, 2022 (10:00 – 12:00 a.m.) at Charinyarasami Hall and online via Zoom. …

Student Announcements


PUBLIC LECTURE Multilateralism in the 21st Century: The Global Intellectual Property Regime By Mr. Edward Kwakwa, Assistant Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization Moderator: Prof. Douglas Rhein, Chair, Social Science Division, MUIC Discussant: Dr. Robin Ramcharan, Lecturer, MUIC Venue: Online …

MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Withdrawal Period for Trimester 2/2021-2022

General InformationCourse Withdrawal Students are advised to discuss with the class instructor before requesting to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period in week 10 of each trimester. The withdrawal period for each trimester is published in the Academic Calendar which …

Student Announcements

Tell Me Your Trail

The Cycling Club announces Tell Me Your Trail Activity!   Take a picture of any local cycling route or destination that you like and post an IG story with @cyclingclub_muic and #TellMeYourTrail Submit your photo to us and tell us why you chose this location …

Student Announcements

Local Product

Here comes the second #Rakkaew activity for this term!!!!This second activity is called #Localproduct In this activity you’ll be asked to:1. share local your local products via instagram stories2. tagging 2 friends, and also mention @Rakkaew.muic and #rakklocalproduct. Those who participate, will get …

1000-represent in MUN
Student Announcements

Which country do you want to represent in MUN?

Have you guys ever wondered what it would be like to represent a nation and spread the awareness associated with the important issues?  MUN is giving you guys the opportunity to do so  How to join ? come up with a country you …

1000-Express yourself through Sky
Student Announcements

Express yourself through Sky!

According to the colors which shows in sky, there are many color tones/themes like orange sky, pinky sky, dark sky, purple sky, or red. We think we can use the color from nature to explore into ART, so if you want to …

Student Announcements

What does your love look like?

Choose one out of the five given pictures that most resembles your form of love.In your one-page writing, please discuss the following.– what is your form of love?– what does this picture mean to you?– how do you relate to the picture?Upload …

Student Announcements

Show me your smile

Bring our smile to light up our society in our activity Show me your smile 1) Post your wonderful smile on your Instagram story 2) Tag 2 MUIC friends, and put hashtag #muicphotoclub and mention @muicphotoclub 3) Don’t forget to screenshot it …

1000-DigitalMarketingStrategiesEng copy
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Digital Marketing Strategies: Intensive Workshop

In the time of uncertainty, entrepreneurs and leaders are all forced to change by economic turbulence and a competitive environment. Therefore, it is essential for entrepreneurs, leaders, and marketer to “rethink” their strategies in order to thrive and survive in the time …

1000-SHTM-PolyU webinar 11 March 2022 copy
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Further study opportunities in Hong Kong

The International Affairs Office in cooperation with THM Club are pleased to invite you to join a webinar session about “further study opportunities in Hong Kong” provided by Dr. Crystal Shi, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at …

1000-Aptitude test
Student Announcements

Aptitude test

Career insights club officialy has a new activity install for you. The Aptitude test  Aptitude tests are a great method companies utilise to improve the quality of hiring and promoting. So, in order to give you a hint of what your future in …

1000-Scholarships_Webinar_UoB copy
Student Announcements

Scholarships Webinar – University of Bristol

The International Affairs is pleased to invite you to join a Scholarships Webinar provided by the University of Bristol (UoB), UK. Join Rowena from the UoB International Scholarships Team as she talks to you about the Scholarships available and how to apply, along with …

Copy of MUIC Exchange program (Instagram Post)
Student Announcements

MUIC Exchange Program January Intake 2022-2023

The International Affairs is pleased to invite MUIC students to apply for the Exchange Program from 18 February- 1 March: Outbound student application (for the remaining slots): Register your candidacy to be an outbound student (for the exchange activity starting from August …

Sport Social Media Banner Template Collection with Unique Style
Student Announcements

Diplomacy in the Modern Age: From Hard to Soft to Smart-power

International Relations and Global Affairs Special Guest Lecture “Diplomacy in the Modern Age: From Hard to Soft to Smart-power” By Mr. Edwin Samuel Senior Diplomat United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Moderator: Associate Professor Douglas Lee Rhein Ph.D Chair, Social Science Division …

1000-Glimpse of Valentine's copy
Student Announcements

Glimpse of Valentine’s

Welcome back to MUIC Music Club After a long break, we’ve got a special activity for thisup-coming love season called,Glimpse of Valentine’s Because Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate Love, share us your creativity with the idea of Loving optimistically  Gather 1-3 …

1000-Lemme Know, Lemme Share copy
Student Announcements

Lemme Know, Lemme Share

Greetings from Innter Peace Club Welcome to our second online activity, Lemme Know, Lemme Share  Let’s see how much you know about yourself through 5 theme in 5 days …

1000-Volun-Tutor copy
Student Announcements


Have you ever wished to become a Volunteer Teacher?Here is your chance! Volun-Tutor Volunteer Club is looking for volunteer English teachers to help teach children from all over Thailand, ranging from grade 4 to 9, with the aim to improve their English …

1000-Love copy
Student Announcements


Welcome to LOVE SECRET HUNT Someone is having a crush on you!Get clues from the background stories of your potential soulmates and the love letter.Solve puzzles that will be posted throughout this week to find out who sent the love letter.Submit your answers …

1000-Which animal is your soulmate? copy
Student Announcements

Which animal is your soulmate?

Our club’s ASL teachers have provided tutorials to sign 10 animals on our Instagram Highlights (@muicslc) Our media team created an Instagram Filter where the filter will predict your animal soulmateSearch up ‘SLC UrAnimalSoulmate’ to use the filter INSTRUCTIONS – The participant is …

1000-Cycling club Donate copy
Student Announcements

Cycling Club’s donate to Baan Nokkamin Foundation activity

Donate sports equipment to children in need today in the Cycling Club’s donate to Baan Nokkamin Foundation activity.  Donate new/secondhand sports equipment or money to Baan Nokkamin Foundation and get AT while helping children who are in need.  Instructions1.  Donate sports equipment to:Somchai Chuesuke …

Student Announcements

Scientific Pick-up Lines

Greetings from Science Society Club !!!!We are delighted to present to you our second activity of the term, Scientific Pick-up LinesExpress your love through pick-up lines inspired by science for this special Valentine’s Day.  To complete this activity, 1. Upload your best scientific pick-up lines …

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