FAQ: Mathematical Foundations Program (MP) FAQ

Mathematical Foundations Program (MP)

Entrance Exam Scores


(English and mathematics* courses are offered.)


(Only mathematics courses are offered)


Entrance English scores are moderate and do not meet MUIC requirements.

Entrance English scores meet MUIC requirements.


Entrance mathematics scores are moderate to high. (Not every student is required to study math. The course offer depends on Entrance Exam scores or selected major)

Entrance mathematics scores do not meet MUIC requirements.


   *Mathematics courses may be offered to some students.

MP gives students the opportunity to solidify important math skills necessary to be successful in an international environment. Students benefit from a small class size, individual attention and attending class with a group of students solely focused on math. Too many students across the world are forced to leave universities every year because they fail math courses. MP was designed to not only give students a second chance to enter MUIC, but in addition, to build a fundamental understanding of algebra needed for future math courses and general education. MP helps students realize the importance of proper study skills and preparation in order to achieve their goals.

MP and PC courses begin simultaneously. However, the duration of MP program is 10 weeks (5 weeks per level).  

Students DO NOT need to take the Entrance Examination again; PC will automatically transfer their names to MUIC.

No. Due to the under-requirement Mathematics scores, the students cannot take a math course together with other regular courses at MUIC.

The tuition fee is 30,000 Baht (15,000 Baht per course).

Students ARE NOT eligible to be enrolled at MUIC while studying at PC. Yet, PC’s class management of each quarter conforms to MUIC trimesters.

Students are not allowed to repeat the MP course again and the Entrance Exam scores will be cancelled. However, they are eligible to re-apply at the next MUIC entry.

Students can request a postponement registration to maintain their MP status – kindly send an email to icpc@mahidol.ac.th