FAQ: PC Program (PC) FAQ

PC Program (PC)

Further Information For further information, please submit your request to the PC office via email: icpc@mahidol.ac.th OR via office phone: dial (66) 2 700 5000 ext. 1762, 3905 / mobile: dial (66) 83 995 7107, (66) 89 550 7478 (during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) offers TWO tracks of admissions for students:

  • Applicants living outside of Thailand will be advised to apply through the PC Direct Track. The results may show that you are eligible to commence the course at one of the PC levels, depending on your placement test and interview results.
  • Applicants living in Thailand will be advised to apply to take the MUIC Entrance Examination. The result may show you are eligible to be interviewed for either the PC program or MUIC.
    If you would like to apply to PC directly, the PC Direct Track is a convenient and accessible choice. 

For further information on PC Admissions tracks, please contact the PC office directly via icpc@mahidol.ac.th or CLICK HERE.

PC Students come from diverse academic backgrounds. MUIC has high language proficiency standards. Regardless of the type of school that a student attended, he or she may require additional language study to prepare to enter MUIC.

Applicants whose writing and communication skills have not met MUIC requirements will be offered to study at PC to receive preparation for both skills before entering MUIC.

Studying at PC offers several benefits. Firstly, the four levels of instruction (PC1 – PC4) offered by PC aim to improve students’ language skills, so they can continue their studies at MUIC. Additionally, PC students learn study skills, basic concepts of logic and ethics, and independent learning strategies. Students at PC also have the opportunity to take math courses.

There are four levels of English classes at PC. The first two levels focus on four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In the third and fourth levels, the skills are combined. The main focuses of the higher levels are term projects, group discussions, and academic essay writing.

Students are required to pay a tuition fee of 40,400 THB (approximately 1,347 USD) per PC quarter. Only those who need to take a mathematics course may need to pay an additional 8,000 THB (approximately 266 USD). However, non-Thai students applying through the PC Direct Track will also be required to pay a one-term deposit fee of 40,400 THB (approximately 1,347 USD). The deposit will be returned once they are enrolled at MUIC or register for the next PC quarter.

PC students will have to spend 3-12 months at the PC program, depending on their beginning level. Each PC level takes 10 weeks, or approximately 3 months.

Example: Mr. John is accepted to the PC3 level; he must study PC3 and PC4 (2 levels). Therefore, he will have to spend at least 6 months at the PC program before entering MUIC.

PC students can repeat a level once if failed. Failure of the same level on the second attempt will lead to automatic withdrawal from the PC program. However, students are allowed to apply for the MUIC Entrance Examination again if they wish.

(Kindly see the below table)




Entrance Exam English Score

Entrance Exam English scores are moderate and do not meet MUIC requirements.

Entrance Exam English scores meet MUIC requirements.

Entrance Exam Mathematics Score

Entrance Exam mathematics scores are moderate to high. Not every student is required to study math. The required courses depend on Entrance Exam scores or the selected major.

Entrance Exam mathematics scores meet MUIC requirements.


English and mathematics preparatory courses (Non-credit courses)

Required by selected major

(non- and credit courses)

Duration of Program

At least 3-12 months (without a repeat of level)

At least 3.5 – 4 years

Student Status

Non-undergraduate level

Undergraduate level


An accepted PC student who is not ready to register to study in an upcoming PC term may postpone the start date by paying the postponement fee of 10,000 THB (approximately 333 USD) within the PC Registration Period.

  • A postponement is valid for 6 months (2 PC terms). Updated registration information for each quarter is provided at http://pc.muic.mahidol.ac.th. and mailed to students’ given address. When postponing students register, their deposit will be returned to them after the commencement of their courses at either PC or MUIC.

No. When students complete the PC4 level and pass the final exams, they will be directly enrolled into MUIC’s undergraduate program.

PC offers 2 suggestions to enter MUIC sooner and spend less time at PC:

Suggestion 1: A student in the PC1 or PC2 level whose PC final result is at least a B or higher will be allowed to skip a level.

Example: Mr. Jack, a current PC1 student, receives a B+ grade for his PC final result. Thus, he will be offered to study at PC3 level the following term instead of PC2 level.

Suggestion 2: PC students can apply for the MUIC Entrance Examination again at the nearest entry (MUIC has 4 entries per year). The new Entrance Exam result will be put into consideration with a student’s current PC status. Students can then select the better result for acceptance.

Example: Ms. Julia decides to apply for the Entrance Exam during her study at PC2 level. If the Entrance Exam result shows she receives acceptance at PC4 or MUIC, she can select to study at PC4 or MUIC and cancel her PC2 student status.

Once international students are accepted to PC; they will be advised to apply for OR change visa type to a Non-Immigrant (ED) visa to study at PC. For assistance on documentation regarding visa issues, students are welcome to contact the PC office in person or via icpc@mahidol.ac.th.

PC provides a wide range of welfare and support for students, such as:

  • Accident insurance with the coverage of 200,000 THB (approximately 6,666 USD) and 10,000 THB (approximately 333 USD) for medical treatment at certified hospitals
  • Student visa documentation
  • Certification letters
  • Medical & first aid services
  • Counseling services
  • Dormitory information