FAQ: Research FAQ

Research FAQ

No, the fuel fee is under Materials Costs while other modes of travel such as taxi, bus, or other public transport fall under operating expenses.

They should be 1.) principal investigator 2.) co-investigator (if any) 3.) faculty member or the Division’s secretary.

They can be used as supporting documents for academic rank appointment within 3 years from the date of teaching evaluation.

The impact factor can be specified not more than 2 years from the publishing date.

The Corresponding Author should have not less than 20% of the work published after 1 March 2019 (B.E. 2562).

Researchers’ participation must be 50% or more to be a corresponding author.

  1. 1. Your product
  2. Application of Academic Promotion Request Forms
  3. Contribution in Academic Work Form

***Remarks: For Items 2 and 3, you can download from https://muic.mahidol.ac.th/eng/research/academic-promotion-request/forms/ )

  1. Letter of acceptance for presentation from the conference organizer
  2. The academic product that was submitted to the conference for presentation consideration (The work must have MUIC affiliation and must not have been accepted for publication/distribution elsewhere.)
  3. Details of the conference, including the name of the organizer, schedule, dates, venue, and other relevant information, including scientific/organizing committee and review process
  4. Details of all planned expenses with supporting documents

5. Other relevant documents (if applicable)

  1. The applicant must be a full-time faculty or staff member at MUIC (Each person is eligible for no more than two conference presentation funds in each fiscal year.).
  2. The applicant must be the main presenter of the work.
  3. For every two funds received (since 1 October 2015), the applicant must have produced at least one academic product with the score prescribed by the regulation. (The publication/distribution of the product in final form must have occurred after the conference presentations.)

According to MUIC Announcement regarding Conference Presentation Funds B.E. 2560, the applicant must submit a complete expense report with original itemized receipts, invoices, and proofs of payment within 10 days after returning from the conference. If the applicant cannot complete the expense report within 10 days after returning from the conference, he/she must write a memo explaining the reason for the failure and attach it with the expense report upon its submission.