FAQ: Strategic Projects FAQ

Strategic Projects FAQ

The project must align with MU/MUIC Strategic Plans. Moreover, it should be new and NOT considered as a routine job.

The submission period starts in July every year.

You can submit your project proposal via PMS system. Before that, it is important that you have discussed it with your section/unit/division and have requested for approval from your supervisor(s).


PMS or Project Management System is an online platform where you can submit your project proposal and report your project progress online anytime, anywhere. The website URL is https://icapp.muic.mahidol.ac.th/pms/.

You can access PMS by using SKY or IC Wi-Fi account.

It is mandatory that the project proposal must be submitted 2 fiscal years in advance.

Only approved projects will receive budget allocation. However, if the section/unit/division has a great need to organize the project which has not been proposed or approved, you can contact the Office of Strategic Planning and Quality Development directly.

It is mandatory that the project owner regularly reports the progress via PMS within 10 days after each quarter ends.

(4 times per fiscal year)

Yes, you can cancel the approved project by submitting the cancellation memo which has been considered by your supervisor and send to the Associate Dean of Strategic Planning and Quality Development.

It is possible to change some minor details, such as project name or activities, via the system yourself as long as those changes do not have any effect on the project objectives or goals. However, for some important changes such as the project owner or objectives, you must contact the Office of Strategic Planning and Quality Development for further actions.

The project owner should manage the approved budget as you have planned in order to achieve the project objectives. However, it is possible to primarily request for extra budget from your section/unit/division budget. If it is not enough for the operation, you need to contact the Budget Management Unit for further action.