Game Design Process

From planning to a successful game, how many processes does it have to undergo!?

How were the games we play every day made? Today, MUIC will reveal the process of Game Designing for any curious mind.

Creating creative games is more than just skills… and of course, it is not that a game developer only requires creativity to produce a high-quality game either. Truth is, to create a good game, a game developer needs to integrate their skills, insights, and creativity to make the game come out closest to what they had envisioned.

In this post, MUIC has summarised the process of creating a game in an easy-to-understand way. The game design process mainly consists of 3 core procedures: pre-production, production, and post-production.


– Planning : Start with a clear layout. In creating a game questions such as, what kind of games are they creating, for whom, how will the characters in the game interact with players, need to be answered.

– Prototyping : Create a quick game and easy-to-adjust prototype that can be used as an evaluation phase to test the game.


– Game Design : As the structure begins to take shape, next in line are the design aspects of the game, such as game characters, character’s dialogues, and the rules within the game.

– Audio Design : Design soundtrack, character movement sounds, environment sounds, music or sound effects, etc.

– Game Development : Understands the coding behind the developed game.


– Maintenance : Organised effective maintenance, fix any emerging bugs, and updates.

– Marketing : After the game has been successfully developed and ready to do a beta testing, planning for a marketing of the game is a good step to reach more people.

And for any students who want to learn more in-depth information about the game design process, Creative Technology at MUIC will gladly welcome any who wishes to learn.

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