HLD ICIC Advising Workshop

The Humanities and Language Division (HLD) held an Advisor Workshop for the HLD ICIC lecturers via Zoom on September 1, 2021 from 14:00 pm to 16:00 pm. The workshop was organized by Dr. Juan Carlos Olmos Alcoy Program Director, ICIC Program, and the four speakers in the event were Asst. Prof. Dr. Daniel Pellerin, Asst. Prof. Takayoshi Fujiwara, Mrs. Agnieszka Atthasit, then Foreign Language Program Director, and Ms. Mary Eppolite.

HLD ICIC has an advisor-advisee system in place in order to guide and help students to get organized throughout their ICIC studies at MUIC. The main aim of the workshop was to enable colleagues who were familiar with the advisor-advisee system to share their experience and strategies with fellow HLD colleagues. A number of areas were covered in the workshop, including the aims of the advisor system, the role of the advisor and advisee, student responsibility, the student course selection process and keeping advisees on the right track. In addition to this, a number of valuable resources that some advisors used to track students through their academic journey were shared and warmly received.    

The workshop was attended by the HLD faculty, all of whom agreed that it was an extremely valuable workshop for them to be more effective in performing their role as advisors and increasing student achievement.