ICCU Students Make Video Documentaries on Southeast Asian Cultures

The students of ICCU 201: A Cultural Study of Contemporary Southeast Asia launched an exhibition entitled “Cultural Perspectives on Contemporary Southeast Asia” on July 3, 2019 at the ground floor lobby of MUIC Building 1.

The exhibition features short documentaries on selected topics covering Southeast Asian culture, including food and beverage, traditional dance and music,  transportation, festivals, religion, and gender. They serve as final projects of the students for the course, according to their lecturer, Asst. Prof. Analiza Perez-Amurao who is also Chair of the Humanities and Language Division (HLD).

Ms. Ruchi Agarwal, Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs, led the ribbon-cutting ceremony and in her speech lauded the students for their deep interest in Southeast Asian culture as demonstrated in the video documentaries they have made.

Dr. Prateep Vongverayuth, HLD Vice Chair, and Mrs. Barbara Ekamp, HLD faculty member, also attended the opening ceremony.