IRGA Students Participate in Human Library Event

Twenty International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA) students participated in a special event organized by the Human Library Organization.

The event was held at Alliance Francaise, Bangkok on December 6, 2019 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.   The Human Library, created in Copenhagen in the Spring of 2000, is a special library where humans serve as open books through communicating, interacting and socializing with people.  In this sense, every book is a person with a unique story to tell.  Most of the human books share stories related to prejudice, discrimination, lifestyle variances, psychological issues, disabilities, gender issues and ethnic or social class experiences.   The people who attend the Human Library Events tend to challenge traditional stereotypes, prejudicial belief systems and want communication to be more open.  It is this ethos, this desire to change the status quo and challenge traditional norms which made many of the Social Science students want to get involved.  In addition, the Human Library partners with several international organizations such as UN Women Asia and Pacific, Bangkok Rising and Alliance Francaise Bangkok.

This event opened with a series of judgment-free discussions for the participants. The exciting outcome for the IRGA students involved in the event was their ability to break down barriers and stereotypes that divide us and to develop a greater appreciation and respect for Individual identities.   It was a great opportunity for IRGA students to gain experience in a real world working environment. They were excited and enthusiastic to help organize the exhibits and participate in discussions.

The IRGA students met with many great authors and were inspired by their thoughts. They were also able to make great relationships and connections with UN Women and Human Library representatives. This real world experience and other activities in the IRGA program encourage our students to open their eyes to different kinds of future career opportunities and to learn from others.

Written by Ms.Pattaka Sa-ngimnet

Assistant Lecturer, Social Science Division