Media and Design Students Attend STEP Asian Undergraduate Summit 2019

Two students from the Fine and Applied Arts Division of Mahidol University International College participated in the STEP Asian Undergraduate Summit 2019 (Seoul Overseas Leg) at Seoul National University, South Korea on July 3-8, 2019.

Ms. Masarat Pongpanishnukul, a Media and Communication student, and Ms. Chantakarn  Sukchonmakul, from the Communication Design program, were among  27 students from seven countries who attended the 6-day event under the theme “Peacebuilding.”

The activities included lectures, discussions, and field trips to Seoul.

All participants from every overseas leg will then proceed to the Singapore part of the summit in the latter part of July for the final presentation.

The STEP Asian Undergraduate Summit is a student-led international program by students of the National University of Singapore with the support of the Temasek Foundation International.