MUIC Congratulates Faculty and Staff Winners in Sports Event

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) expressed its congratulations to its faculty and staff members who won medals in the Sport of Office of the Higher Education Commission No. 38 “Khunleay Games” held at Surat Thani Rajabhat University from May 23-31, 2019, Surat Thani Province.

Mr. Merin Aubrey Waite, a lecturer from the Preparation Center for Languages and

Mathematics, and team, won a silver medal in Team Tennis.

Mr. Mr. Anitus Ravungchon, a staff member from Operation and Environment Section, won a silver medal in Men’s Hoop “Sepak Takraw.”

Dr. Veeradas Panvisavas, a lecturer from Tourism and Hospitality Management Division, won a bronze medal in 45-year-old Men’s Doubles Badminton.

Ms. Punyawee Phuengwattanapanich, a staff member from Strategy and Academic Development Group, won a gold medal in 40-year-old Women’s Doubles Badminton, a silver medal in 45-year-old Women’s Doubles Badminton and a bronze medal in Team Badminton.