MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant T1/2020-2021

Qualifications Criteria:

  • MUIC full-time students
  • Have affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Must regularly observe the regulations of the University Code of Conduct and strictly abide by the Announcement of Mahidol University Safety and Precaution Measures Regarding the COVID-19

Documents Required:

  • A Grant Essay (at least 500 words) about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on yourself & your family
  • A certified copy of student ID card or Thai National ID Card or Passport
  • A certified copy of any documents proving that you’ve been affected by COVID-19 (Optional)
  • A certified copy of Approved Leave of Absence Request (For Leave of Absence Fee Reduction Grant only)

Application Period: Now – September 20, 2020

Submit the application form here:

For more information, please contact Office of Student Affairs at

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