MUIC Dean Conducts IC Connect Workshops in Shrewsbury International School

As part of Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) IC Connect project which provides relevant seminars and workshops to the college’s partner schools, Assoc. Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, MD, MUIC Dean, participated in Shrewsbury International School Bangkok’s Collaborative Learning Project on October 15, 2019.

The Dean provided 50-minute workshops to Sixth Form students in the area of ethics in medicine and health. These sessions served to inform and support students who are interested applying to medical schools both in Thailand and abroad. 

The sessions touched on medical science issues that are both current and controversial such as medical cannabis use, patients’ rights, and medicine for profit.  In the process, students were prepped for the MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews), an interview format that consists of a series of 6-10 interview stations focused on a different question or scenario relating to health and medicine.  This type of interview is now a standard part of medical school entrance examination for Thai universities with international medicine programs, the UK and Australia.