JAN-MAR 2024 


Welcoming the MUIC Friends

Who doesn’t love cartoon characters? They’re colorful, eye-catching and entertaining. Yes, they appeal more to younger persons and to the young-at-heart. That’s why MUIC has taken a winning step in coming up with MUIC Friends—five characters representing MUIC. They would surely be a hit during roadshow campaigns in high schools and during campus events. What’s more, each of the five Friends embodies the characteristics of MUIC students and the values upheld and promoted by the college. No one else can serve better as brand ambassadors of MUIC. So let’s all welcome the MUIC Friends!
Message from the Dean

New Friends on MUIC’s Journey

By Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, MD

As MUIC embarks upon its 38th year as Thailand’s leading international liberal arts college, I am delighted to know that we have some new friends joining us on our journey. These friends are a product of the creative brainstorming among faculty members, students, and staff and the characteristics that they embody: The Learner, The Global Citizen, The Creative Thinker, The Explorer, and The Innovator are a reminder to us of who we aspire to be, both as individuals and as an organization.

In the era of constant disruptions, The Learner is always ready to grow and is constantly evolving. The Learner is the embodiment of intellectual curiosity, always seeking to broaden their understanding and embrace the challenges that come with an ever-changing social landscape. Their thirst for knowledge enriches the lives of those around them.

The Global Citizen reminds us to always develop and cultivate a sense of global awareness and responsibility. The Global Citizen understands the significance of cultural diversity, empathizes with the experiences of others, and strives to make a positive impact on a global scale. Their perspective fosters an inclusive and harmonious campus environment.

In a world driven by innovation, creativity stands as the bedrock of progress. The Creative Thinker refuses to be confined by conventional boundaries and thrives on what could be rather than what is. Facilitating and embracing creativity among our students, staff, and faculty members means readying them for the complex challenges of our time.

Our community also benefits greatly from The Explorer. This individual possesses an enterprising spirit and is unafraid to venture into uncharted territories of knowledge. The Explorer inspires us to optimize our liberal arts stronghold of diverse academic and social backgrounds, and traverse beyond our own specific disciplines, creating a harmonious blend of arts and sciences that is the frontier of so many breakthrough ideas.

Consequently, we celebrate The Innovator.  For while The Creative Thinker conceives of original ideas that have values, The Innovator drives that idea home and transforms it into reality. Using the science of technologies, the practicality of entrepreneurship, and the arts of communication, The Innovator can solve problems by transforming concepts into real-life, feasible, and executable tools that change the future of individuals, trajectory of businesses and livelihoods of so many people.

Lastly, the visualization of the characters that are the MUIC Friends—The Learner, The Global Citizen, The Creative Thinker, The Explorer, and The Innovator—would not have been possible without the collaboration and creativity of our Communication Design Major and Animation Minor students and faculty members. Their creativity, hard work, and commitment represent what is best about our community while the characters they helped create form the foundation upon which our academic community thrives and our values unite. Having these MUIC Friends accompany us on our journey towards a more inclusive, more sustainable, and more connected campus life means that we know we are never alone.

(In memory of Dr. Millicent Young, a beloved teacher, a faithful friend, and a valuable member of the MUIC community. You truly embodied these MUIC Friends characters in life, and they will always remain our friends and a reminder of who you are.)

Who are the MUIC Friends?

They’re cute. They’re adorable. They’re the MUIC Friends – Five characters who will soon represent MUIC. Each of them represents characteristics and values that are spelled out in MUIC’s vision and mission.

They also embody the positive traits of every MUIC student – Open to new knowledge and experience, keen on discovering themselves and the wider world and keen to explore new cultures, intelligent and tech-savvy and eager to innovate with a dash of creative energy.

Soon these five characters—with their own brand of energy and passion—will meet and greet high school students and introduce MUIC to them.

Let’s welcome MUIC’s own brand ambassadors—the MUIC Friends!

Why are the MUIC Friends representing MUIC?

By Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chanchai Phonthanukitithaworn

Associate Dean for Corporate Communication and Information Technology

Visual Appeal and Memorability: Cartoon characters are visually appealing and memorable. By associating specific characters with MUIC’s vision and mission, you create a more vivid and lasting impression on your audience.

Storytelling: Cartoon characters can be used to tell stories that align with MUIC’s objectives. Through these narratives, you can effectively communicate the values and goals of the institution in a relatable and engaging manner.

Emotional Connection: Characters have the potential to evoke emotions. By designing characters that resonate with your target audience, you can foster a stronger emotional connection. This connection can enhance the understanding and acceptance of MUIC’s vision and mission.

Consistency: Consistent use of these characters across various communication channels ensures a unified representation of MUIC’s identity and objectives. This consistency reinforces the message over time.

Multiplatform Presence: Utilizing the characters in various mediums, such as social media, promotional materials, and presentations, ensures a wider reach. This approach allows for integrating MUIC’s vision into different aspects of the college community.

Introducing the MUIC Friends:
Embodiments of Excellence

The MUIC Friends represent the diverse characteristics and attributes of MUIC.

Introducing THE LEARNER:

With an unwavering commitment to growth, I am THE LEARNER. My essence exudes innocence, friendliness, youthfulness, and an insatiable curiosity. Inspired by the resilience and potential of plants and seeds, I am always ready to embrace new experiences and expand my horizons. Join me on my journey as I nurture my curiosity and bloom into my fullest potential.

Introducing THE EXPLORER:

With a boundless spirit of adventure, I am THE EXPLORER! My motto is “Let’s explore!” and I embody the characteristics of playfulness, energy, bravery, and an enterprising nature. Inspired by the resilience and curiosity of almonds and the agility of monkeys, I am always eager to embark on thrilling expeditions and uncover hidden treasures. Join me as we journey into the unknown and discover the wonders that await us!

Introducing THE INNOVATOR:

With a mantra of “New things, New me, New you,” I am THE INNOVATOR! I epitomize intelligence, nerdiness, organization, and boundless energy. Inspired by the ever-evolving realm of technology, the pursuit of knowledge, and the thrill of new discoveries, I am constantly pushing boundaries and seeking innovative solutions. Join me in reshaping the future and embracing the endless possibilities of tomorrow!


With a heartfelt motto of “Friends beyond borders,” I am THE GLOBAL CITIZEN! My essence radiates positivity, friendliness, a big heart, and an open mind. Inspired by the unifying power of technology, the pursuit of knowledge, and the ever-expanding horizons of new experiences, I am dedicated to fostering connections and embracing diversity. Join me in celebrating our shared humanity and building bridges that span the globe!


With a rallying cry of “Make it different!” I am THE CREATIVE THINKER! Bursting with imagination, creativity, independence, and unwavering confidence, I am inspired by the endless possibilities represented by triangles and open-ended concepts. Join me as we explore new horizons, break boundaries, and unleash the power of innovation!


In October 2023, executives of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) informed Dr. Dynaya “Dow” Bhutipunthu of the Communication Design Program (CDP) through Dr. Dale Konstanz of the plan to use cartoon characters to represent characteristics and values of MUIC. Agreeing to participate in this project—which is spearheaded by the Corporate Communications Team—Ajarn Dow enlisted the support of Dr. Millie Young since she is in charge of CDP’s Animation Minor.

Ajarn Dow and her team, after several meetings, agreed that the MUIC Friends characters would be non-binary nor would they be based on animals or even mythical animals. While Ajarn Millie selected the Animation Minor students who will serve as animators (eventually with Ms. Zhixin Song as project leader and Ms. Munazza Munabir as assistant project leader), Ajarn Dow asked Ms. Peerada Sinthunava, a CDP major to create the initial design of the five characters.

Using Ms. Peerada’s initial design as the jumping point, the five animation teams worked on their respective characters, meeting every week to compare their output and ensure that their respective works are consistent with the overall design and with each other. Ajarn Millie closely supervised the animation teams and even allowed them to use the class time of her two animation classes for their work on MUIC Friends. After the New Year, Ajarn Dow asked Ajarn Pongstorn Limanon, a part-time instructor in CDP, to join the advisor team. The final version of the animation clips were finished by early February.

Blood Drive for Siriraj Hospital


Ms. Nanthanach Vorasupat (Kelly)
Ms. Natchaya Jitpinityol (Meen)


Ms. Parinporn Chairattana-apirom (Cherry)
Ms. Tita Sirithanakom  (Tita/Tua-Boong)

Ms. Methavee Yenjai (Nam Som/Nam)
Ms. Pakjira Jia (Yuqing)

Ms. Prassara Mingphreudhi (Kaopoon/KP)
Ms. Nutsupat Lertchanvit (Benz)

Ms. Zhixin Song (Jessie), Project Leader for MUIC Friends, Animator and Storyboard Artist for the Creative Thinker clip and the overall clip
Ms. Nootpravee Khongrod (Mew), Creative Thinker clip animator
Tita Sirithanakom (Tita/Tua-Boong), Overall clip animator

Ms. Munazza Munabir (Bunny), Assistant Project Leader
Nootpravee Khongrod (Mew)
Ms. Peerada Sinthunava (Patt), Character Designer
Jenis Sungpan (Fair), Music and Sound 

Animal Lovers Club’s “Paw Patrol”


Dr. Dynaya Bhutipunthu, Project Coordinator and Advisor
Dr. Millicent Young, Chief Advisor
Asst. Prof. Dale Konstanz, Advisor
Ajarn Pongstorn Limanon, Advisor

A Valuable Addition to CDP Students’ Portfolio

“Every CDP class would end with a project that would serve as a summary of what the students have learned during the trimester. If we have the chance to do something that is practical and something that people would be able to use,  if it serves as an internship or practicum class and thus an opportunity for the students to do actual training, then this is a great way both to improve and highlight their skills. The philosophy in CDP is that our students’ portfolios should help them to find work anywhere in the world. It means that the contents of their portfolio must be good enough, international enough, practical enough. So if they have an actual work that will have practical use, just like the MUIC Friends project, then that would be a plus for their portfolio. This would enable the students to differentiate themselves from others in the job market and whatever they are going to do in the future.”

Dr. Dynaya Bhutipunthu

Project Coordinator and Advisor to Creative Team


As noted earlier, MUIC Friends are representations of MUIC’s ideals and values and at the same time embody the traits of the typical MUIC student. In the following pages, we asked several students if the MUIC Friends resonate with their own characteristics, beliefs and experiences.


Kasidech Tangprapa (Beam)

Junior Student
Major: Marketing
Minor: Business Economics
Head of Liaison, Case Club

Beam spent his freshman year studying from home due to the pandemic lockdowns. When the campus reopened in his second year, he wasted no time in looking for student clubs to join. He found a second home in the Case Club, providing him plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities. He’s now the club’s Head of Liaison, responsible for communicating and coordinating with external stakeholders.

“Just like The Learner, I’m curious and I always look for new opportunities and experiences, always wanting to move from one role to another.”

“I’m grateful for MUIC for providing a lot of learning opportunities for students and also facilities and space for our extra-curricular activities,” he added.


Maristada Pattapee (Mew)

Junior Student
Major: International Business
Minor: Chinese Language
Outbound Exchange Student, Bond University, Australia
Volunteer, International Affairs Section

Mew was a shy teenager who turned into a confident young lady after she entered PC and later on, MUIC. With her English skills improving, she went to Bond University, Queensland, Australia as an exchange student in April 2023 on a government scholarship grant. Being her first time to travel abroad, Mew didn’t waste the opportunity and learned much both in her classes and in extracurricular activities like the Volleyball Club where she made many friends.

“I share many characteristics with The Explorer–always looking for an opportunity to visit new places, being full of energy, and possessing a brave and enterprising nature.”

She’s currently a volunteer at the International Affairs Section where she helps out with activities for inbound exchange students like participating in the Buddy Program, acting as an emcee in farewell parties or serving as a guide in field trips.


Jiratt Pluemthanom (Boom)

Sophomore Student 
Major: IRGA
Minor: Psychology
Spokesperson, IRGA Ambassadors
Head of Project Managers, MUN Club

Boom said he shares with The Global Citizen the following traits: Positivity, friendliness, a big heart, and being open-minded. He has made friends with fellow students from other countries like Mexico, Myanmar, the Philippines, and many others.

“Being culturally sensitive helps me connect with them easily. I’m non-judgmental, very much open-minded and keen to learn about new things,” he said.

He has been very interested in international relations and that is why he entered MUIC and enrolled in the IRGA program. He also joined the Model United Nations (MUN) Club where he honed his skills in diplomacy. In MUN events, they are assigned specific countries to represent and attempt to offer solutions to problems confronting them.  “Being part of the MUN Club helps me get a better understanding of people from other countries.”


Penpicha Sitsaengchai (Fern)

Senior Student
Major: Computer Engineering
Member, Cybersecurity Club 
Member, Volunteer Club

Fern is certainly having a good time honing her skills in the field of cybersecurity. From her classroom studies to her activities in the Cybersecurity Club to her internship and her final project, her world revolves around this cutting edge field. She brims with enthusiasm about the topic during the interview.

Last year, she and her team won a special award in Mahidol University’s Hackathon. Hacking is an integral part of cybersecurity but Fern prefers to be in the blue team which builds defenses against hackers or the red team.

Like The Innovator, Fern has the boundless energy and the intelligence required (though she denies being a nerd) to work in the field of science and technology.

“I want to know more about both hardware and software so that I can have an edge. I study many of these subject areas so I’m familiar with them but I like cybersecurity more,” she said.


Burin Intachuen (Rin)

Junior Student
Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: Applied Mathematics
Vice President, Animation, Games and Comic Club

What’s a computer engineering student doing in a creative field like animation? Rin describes themselves as an artistic person with a strong inclination to mathematics, expressing this synergy through photography and digital drawing. “I find that photography is a good bridge between science and art because photography itself relies on technology.”

Asked what are their traits that are similar to that of the Creative Thinker, Rin points to The Creative Thinker’s unwavering confidence. “It really helps in pushing the boundaries to explore new horizons and provide new experiences to the participants (of AGC activities) here in MUIC.”

“Being creative doesn’t only mean you have an idea. It also means you have to be able to receive inputs from others and think critically what you’re pushing for. Being creative means you also have to be open-minded and be willing to explore new horizons.”

Here They Come!

And there you have it! The MUIC Friends.

MUIC’s very own cute characters that will help the college in successfully communicating with high school students. Each of these characters embodies most of the traits of successful MUIC students: Curious, intelligent, friendly, kind, adventurous, innovative, creative, artistic, among others. They also stand for the values and aspiration of MUIC as an institution of higher learning.

Watch out as this wholesome and winsome gang bring their bubbly and infectious vibe to the nearest high school campus or the latest MUIC event!

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