MUIC Joins Sophia University’s Online Workshop on Southeast Asia

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) participated in an online session on “Learning with Southeast Asia: Creating Together Resilient and Sustainable Future Society” hosted by Sophia University on September 9, 2020.

Around 160 students from Sophia University’s partners in Southeast Asia including MUIC,Ateneo de Manila University, Xavier Learning Community, and National University of Malaysia / Universiti Kebansaan Malaysia (UKM) participated in the activity.

The three-hour program was divided into two parts, starting with a virtual campus tour by students and insightful lectures from each university. Afterwards, the students were divided into groups to discuss the given topics. 

Ms. Wimonsiri Hemtanon, a lecturer from MUIC’s Humanities and Language Division, gave a presentation on “Thai Culture and Society: Diversity and Tolerance.”

Discussion was run by Google slide so that the lecturer can monitor the participants in the breakout room and give feedback after the session. Throughout the session, the participants learned much from a fruitful discussion with each other as they shared diverse views from their respective cultures. This included “Do’s and Don’t’s” in each culture.

After the discussion, one group shared an interesting insight. The group members compared culture to an iceberg in which only the tip above the surface of the water can be seen, with much of it hidden below the surface. This suggested to the students that the visible aspects of a culture, behavior or belief are just the small part of a larger culture.

MUIC said it hopes that this program will give the participants an opportunity to learn how to live and understand a multicultural society. It expressed thanks to Sophia University for this wonderful program and said that MUIC looks forward to more productive cooperation.