MUIC Student Chosen as “Ambassador for a Day”

A freshman Finance major student was selected as one of the winners in the “Ambassadors for a Day” competition organized recently by several women ambassadors and women UN leaders in Bangkok.

Ms. Yanisa Sirisomboonchok was granted the privilege of shadowing a United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) leader on March 8, 2021 during the celebration of International Women’s Day. She shadowed Ms. Kyungsun Kim, UNICEF Representative for Thailand

To be selected, candidates had to submit a 3-minute video “discussing how they are working to resolve a social issue affecting women or girls in their community.” Ms. Yanisa said she discussed the topic “date rape” in her video.

Asked how she felt about winning in the competition, she said, “It was a great experience! I got a chance to ask questions about UNICEF and developed my perspective towards gender inequality after talking to UNICEF specialists. I also got to know the other winners who are passionate and interested in gender inequality issues in Thailand and I had the opportunity to talk to women ambassadors as well.”

Ms. Yanisa added that “making the video really changed how I think about gender issues in Thailand.”

She was trained by Mr. Kal Elle, a faculty member of the Humanities and Language Division’s English Program. He was also her instructor at the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics a few years ago. “When I decided what my topic would be, Mr. Elle provided me with relevant articles and guided me through the process,” she said.