MUIC Students Propose Solutions to Social Issues in Hult Prize Competition

The MUIC Case Club held a college-wide “Hult Prize Competition 2020” on December 9, 2020 at Charinyarasami Hall, 3rd Floor, Aditayathorn Building.

The Hult Prize is an annual international competition that crowd-sources ideas from university students that would offer solutions to social issues including food security, energy, education, water supply and others through a business case competition.

Selected as the winner was the FoodBoss team whose business model, Ditus, “is a social enterprise that empowers people living in Southeast and South Asia who are in moderate and severe food insecurity to farm snails for income by selling snail slime; food by eating snail meat when the snail farms expand; and change by providing an alternative source to red meat around the world.”

The FoodBoss team was composed of Ms. Darya Makhotkina (Chemistry), Ms. Shormeli Akter, (Biological Sciences), and Ms. Prajawal Daulat Bhosale (International Business). As the winning team, they will go to the regional round.

First Runner-up was team Popcorn Consulting whose entry was “Organo Co-coating.” The team was composed of Ms. Paphapint Parinyapariwat (Finance), Mr. Natdanai Techakamonsuk (Food Science and Technology), Mr. Kanin Jaroensattayatham (Food Science and Technology),
and Ms. Siripreeya Amaranantakij, (Food Science and Technology).

The Second Runner-up was team Elements composed of Mr. Khush Shah (Finance), Mr. Anirudh Kwatra (Business Economics), Mr. Ananya Pawa, (Communication design), and Mr. Gursimran Singhprasong (Finance). They offered as their entry a business case on “Foodniture.”

A total of 54 students grouped into 20 teams entered the competition, six of whom qualified for the final pitch.