Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics Program

The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) was established in April of 1998 to provide a foundation for those students who needed to improve their English skills before studying at MUIC.

If, after taking the MUIC Entrance Examination and when the entrance results show that their English skills do not meet minimum requirements for entrance to MUIC but show potential for future studies at MUIC, these applicants will be eligible to sit for a PC interview and study in the PC program before gaining entrance to MUIC.

It currently provides four levels of instruction: PC1 (Elementary), PC2 (Pre-Intermediate), PC3 (Intermediate) and PC4 (Upper-Intermediate).  Students will be assigned to a particular level after an evaluation by PC.

Frequently asked questions

Studying at PC offers several benefits. Firstly, the four levels of instruction (PC1 – PC4) offered by PC aim to improve students’ language skills, so they can continue their studies at MUIC. Additionally, PC students learn study skills, basic concepts of logic and ethics, and independent learning strategies. Students at PC also have the opportunity to take math courses.
There are four levels of English classes at PC. The first two levels focus on four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In the third and fourth levels, the skills are combined. The main focuses of the higher levels are term projects, group discussions, and academic essay writing.
PC students generally spend 3-12 months at the PC program, depending on their beginning level. Each PC levels takes 10 weeks, or approximately 3 months.
Students are required to pay a tuition fee of 40,400 THB per PC quarter. Those who need to take a mathematics course may need to pay an additional 8,000 THB.
PC provides a wide range of welfare and support for students, such as: Accident insurance with the coverage of 200,000 THB and 10,000 THB for medical treatment at certified hospitals Student visa documentation Certification letters Medical & first aid services Counseling services Student activities Dormitory information Contact PC Offic