MUIC’s Hospitality Management Students Take Tourists on a Tour of Bangkok

International Hospitality Management students enrolled in the “Managing Package Tourism” course taught by Dr. Kaewta Muangsame organized a one-day trip to the hidden gems of Bangkok on March 2, 2019.

With the theme, “Disappearing Bangkok?” the purpose of the tour was to bring eager tourists to see the charm and values of old Bangkok as well as try to raise awareness about the effects of global warming especially on the local community. Teaching participants to be a responsible tourist was also an important objective of the trip.

The students brought the tourists to two communities during the first half of the day. First stop was “Baan Bu,” an old community dating back to the Ayutthaya era where the last house that produced bronze ware products still stands to this day.

Second stop was the “Kudee Jeen,” a community described as having “3 Religions and 4 Beliefs” where Thais of Portuguese descent emigrated after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767.
The Portuguese are considered to be the first Westerners who maintained a strong relationship with the then Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Next stop was the Bangkokian Museum which shows the lifestyle of middle-class Bangkok residents during the Second World War.

As for the second half of the day, the organizers brought tourists to another side of Bangkok, “Bangkuntien,” a seaside community in Bangkok. They went to “Santor,” where the local community in that area is affected by tide changes due to global warming.

The group received a warm welcome from Uncle Sorn, the local host in the community. The highlight of that trip was collecting sea cockles that the tourists thoroughly enjoyed.

Last but not least, the group chartered a boat and watched the beautiful sunset.

The tour ended with a delicious seafood meal at Bangkok Sea View Restaurant.