A Warm Welcome by PC Teachers & Alumni

January 6, 2020: The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) held its orientation day for 58 new PC students in its English and mathematics programs for Quarter 1, 2020. In the MUIC Auditorium, MUIC Building 1, students and parents learned about the PC experience.

Along with over 400 active multinational students this quarter, those newly accepted to the PC will be provided with language and mathematical skills reinforcement but also a wide range of welfare, student activities, and academic support as they go through their program.

At the orientation, PC also handed out various awards to exceptional students. Presented by the Director of PC, Mr. Joseph Serrani, the Best PC2 Term Project award went to Ms. Ruedee Kannaphak, who produced an excellent news video regarding a social issue in an ASEAN country.

For posting the highest recorded average grade in Quarter 4, 2019, these 12 students received Academic Excellence awards:

Ms.Tanyapat  Supsakorn (PC1)
Mr. Sikarin  Emjang (PC1)
Mr. Peeruch  Radomkij (PC1)
Mr. Solmin  Lee (PC2)
Mr. Pongsathon  Isaranusorn (PC2)
Ms. Praemuang  Tinnu (PC2)
Mr. Ayush  Dugar (PC3)

Mr. Pat  Sripongpat (PC3)
Ms. Chanyanuch  Chonphairoj (PC3)
Ms. Sirada  Sri-Uthaisiriwong (PC4)
Ms. Nanalin  Sangthong (PC4)
Ms. Natchaya  Nimjinda (PC4)

Meanwhile, the four students below were given Outstanding Contribution awards for acting as “a role model for other students because of their maturity, cooperation, and efforts to achieve academic and personal goals”:

Ms. Tanaporn  Luekhamhan (PC1)
Mr. Pongsathon  Isaranusorn (PC2)
Mr. Saw Ehain  Kyaw (PC3)
Ms. Mastakran  Sukhitcharoenkul (PC4)
Moreover, a student also received special recognition for his exemplary academic achievement throughout Quarter 4/2019, resulting in him jumping from PC2 to PC4:

Mr. Solmin  Lee
A Message from a PC Alumna
The PC orientation also brought back a former PC student who is now an MUIC student, Ms. Krittaporn Sirichai, to deliver a memorable life-at-PC speech and inspire incoming PC students. Ms. Krittaporn also conveyed her impression of her time at PC in one part of her speech:  “. . .Not only did I learn English, but I learnt how to work in groups with my classmates. We worked together and exchanged our ideas. This made the class enjoyable. While studying in PC, I wasn’t sure how would this stuff help me in IC. Now I know that it gains my confidence and helps with my studies. Maybe it helped me more than those who go straight to IC. .”