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Privacy Statement

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) upholds the principles of protecting your private information in its website.

Information Acquisition and Sharing

In the course of maintaining its website and offering its users and visitors with efficient and satisfactory services, MUIC processes users and visitors’ data acquired either anonymously or with the stated consent of the user in the case of personal information.

MUIC uses cookies to track users and visitors’ information at the same time users and visitors can opt to disable cookies and allow or disallow the collection, retention and use of their personal data by MUIC.

It is emphasized that MUIC will not acquire personal information by dishonest means.

MUIC will retain the information collected from users and visitors only for the objective of supporting MUIC’s operations. Said information will be kept only for as long as MUIC has operational need of them.

As MUIC has links to third parties that assist its operations, we do not share personally identifiable information with them. However, users or visitors who avail of said third parties’ services while visiting the MUIC website may run the risk of exposing their personal information.

MUIC may also be compelled to release information upon the official request of government authorities.

MUIC is committed to the proper management of users and visitors’ information and for implementing measures necessary to prevent their loss, leaks or falsification.

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about this privacy statement or if you have general questions or concerns about privacy or information technology policy, please contact us at .