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The process for the Thesis/ Thematic paper is as follows:

  1. The student prepares topic and conceptual framework for thesis or thematic paper.
  2. The student contacts and discusses topic/conceptual framework with advisor. When an agreement is reached, fill-in form AR-1 and GR-44 (Approval of Advisor).
  3. The student prepares the proposal and readies for the proposal defense; submit GR-39. Advisor and student must inform the International Graduate Studies (iGS) office 15 working days prior to the proposed defense date.Proposal Defense results:
    Result Submit Form
    Pass GR-1 and GR-33.
    Pass with conditions GR-33. 
    The advisor must make sure the advisee makes changes in order to ensure a “Pass” and then submit GR-37 and GR-1.
    Fail The advisor schedules a new proposal defense date; advisee must pay another fee for proposal defense.
  4. When the Thesis/Thematic topic and Advisory committee are approved, the student must fill-in the IRB form and submit documents to the iGS Office within 1st week of each month.
    • The student must attend a research ethics seminar arrange by MUIC,
    • Student must pass and get a research ethics certificate from Institution Review Board (IRB). For IRB forms and process, please contact iGS office.
    • The IRB will announce the results through student e-mail.
    • The student must get IRB approval before collecting data.
  5. Work on data collection and analysis. Complete the thesis/thematic paper.
  6. The student who would like to take the final defense must:
    • Pass all coursework and complete all study credits with a GPA ≥ 3.00.
    • Pass the MU Grad Test (65 score) or equivalent English proficiency test (TOEFL 79/IELTS 6.0) approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS).
    • Have approval Thesis/Thematic topic and Advisory committee at least 90 days for Thesis/45 days for Thematic paper prior to the final defense date.
  7. Advisor checks and approves the thesis/thematic paper and schedules the final defense date; fill-in form GR-2. The advisor and student must inform the iGS Office 15 working days prior to the final defense date. The advisor invites an external committee and submits the CV to Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) for approval.
  8. The advisor submits the result of the final defense (pass, pass with conditions or fail), and form.
    Final Defense results:
    Result Submit Form Note
    Pass GR-3 Within 21 days since the final defense, the student must arrange a hard-cover binding thesis/thematic paper and CDs, and submit them to FGS. 
    After 21 days, the student must pay a late fee (200 baht/day). Later than 90 days, the student must retake the final defense exam.
    Pass with conditions GR-3 and GR-4 To make some changes to the work, FGS allows 90 days for the thesis and 30 days for the thematic paper. 
    The advisor submits GR-4 and states the Passing date. The student then has 21 days to set up a hard-cover thesis/thematic paper and CDs and submit them to FGS.
    Fail The student retakes the final defense. The advisor schedules a new final defense date; the advisee must pay another fee for the final defense.
  9. The student must submit
    • GR-50 for “Turnitin Software”.
    • GR-40 to publish thesis/thematic paper; then submit a form to conclude on IRB.
    • GR-5 for graduation approval

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