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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

at MUIC is committed to producing professional graduates who are equipped with strong qualitative and quantitative business analytical skills. Students will gain the knowledge of theories and techniques to formulate creative business ideas, model new business and address the challenges in a competitive international business environment. Students will also have an opportunity to customize elective courses through two concentrations, which provide a guideline to develop expertise in specific business areas; namely Global Strategy and Innovation in Business.

We are looking for students who would like to take on challenges in the business world beyond their expertise. The program is designed to better equip students with effective management skills and expand their horizon. Both formats of MBA program offer the same academic experience and options but have different study plan and expected time to graduate.

Graduates with an MBA at MUIC have at their disposal a broad spectrum of career opportunities as business and social entrepreneurs in both the public and private sectors. They can also serve as business strategists, negotiators and problem solvers as well as taking on the challenges of consultation and analysis, particularly in terms of business development.

Learning Outcomes

Business Acumen: Students can analyze complex business issues and make logical decisions.
Multidisciplinary: Students can solve business problems using knowledge from multiple disciplines.
Ethics: Students can understand and assess ethical issues in business contexts.
Quantitative analysis: Students can analyze business-related issues quantitatively.
Teamwork: Students can work as part of a successful team.
Communication: Students can communicate professionally and effectively in a business context.
Information Technology: Students can solve business problems using information technology.

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