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The Master of Management in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, one of the leading graduate programs in tourism and hospitality studies in Southeast Asia, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of tourism and international hospitality management, with an emphasis on practical applications.

The curriculum is further designed to produce graduate professionals who are equipped with innovative, analytical and management skills that are needed in order to meet the rapid growth in tourism and its accompanying challenges. The courses, which are delivered by subject specialists and practitioners with international training and work experience, is regularly reconstructed to keep pace with fast-changing industry trends so that our graduates can be internationally competitive.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assess leadership and ethical issues in international tourism and hospitality management.
  • Critically analyze managerial and entrepreneurial issues in the actual tourism and hospitality situation.
  • Assess situation to provide solutions for resolving, improving or further developing problems/issues related to the international tourism and hospitality management.
  • Develop appropriate methods and techniques in conducting research or project related to the international tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Assess qualitative and/or quantitative data to provide implications related to the international tourism and hospitality management for academic or industry/business.

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