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The MUIC-SGU Doctor of Medicine Pathway is a partnership program between Mahidol University International College and St. George’s University School of Medicine which allows MUIC Biological Sciences majors the opportunity to enroll and start their pre-medicine study at MUIC. Qualified students will receive an offer to obtain a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at SGU Grenada Campus.

How to participate in this program?

Step 1

Students begin this pathway at MUIC in the Intensive Science and Language Year. This maximum of 74-credits study plan is designed to help students fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for the higher level pre-medicine Foundation Year courses. Once the Intensive Science and Language Year is completed, students can then progress to the 50-credit pre-medicine courses. Any time during their study, students can apply to SGU School of Medicine for a conditional acceptance. Students who achieved a grade point average of 3.4 or better for the Foundation Year courses will receive an offer for a place within the School of Medicine. Overall, students will study at MUIC between 6-8 terms.

Step 2

The Doctor of Medicine curriculum at SGU is a 4-year program. The first 2 years are ‘Basic Sciences’ phase while Years 3 and 4 are ‘Clinical Training’ years. Students have the option to study Year 1 on the SGU campus in Grenada or in the UK at Northumbria University. Year 2 must be done on the SGU campus in Grenada. Once students are ready to start their clinical training, they will have the option of choosing from over 70 teaching hospitals in the UK and US for both the required and the elective medical specialties.

Step 3

During the 4th year, students will be taking their USMLE Step II and Step II CK/CS. This is the second of three examinations required to be licensed to practice medicine in the US. They will also enter into The Match or The National Resident Match Program for the United States. This is where students will choose their specialty of interest and in which hospital they would like to train. This will mark the beginning of their work life in the field of medicine.

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