Honors and Probation: Current Undergraduate

Honors and Probation

In recognition of exceptional students, the College has an honors system. Students maintaining high scholastic cumulative GPAs are eligible to graduate with honors.

First Class Honors

Students will be awarded first class honors if they meet all of the following requirements:
• Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.
• Must complete all courses within 4 Years.
• Students taking minors must complete all required minor courses within 4 years and 2 trimesters. (Not included a Half-Minor).
• Never receive an F and/or W grade in any course
• Must not have an I grade in any course
• Complete at least 135 credits at MUIC
• Must never re-grade or re-examine in any subject
• Must not transfer more than 25 percent of the total required credits from another institution with the exception of courses taken as part of MUIC’s Study Abroad Program.
• All transferred grades must not be below a B grade in any transferred subject.

Second Class Honors

Students will be awarded second class honors if they meet all the above requirements with the exception of earning a cumulative GPA between 3.25 and 3.49.


All MUIC students will be classified into
(1) regular students or
(2) students on probation.

The classification will start at the end of the student’s third trimester of the first academic year and will occur at the end of every trimester when the student enters the second year and will continue until graduation.

The classifications of a student’s status are as follows:

Normal Status Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher
Probation Type 1 
Students with a cumulative GPA of 1.50 or higher but less than 1.80

Probation Type 2 
Students with a cumulative GPA of 1.80 or higher but less than 2.00

Students will be removed from probation when the student’s cumulative GPA is 2.00 or higher. Failure to achieve the minimum GPA standard during the required period will result in dismissal.