Parking Lot Registration Annoucement

Parking Lot Registration Announcement

The parking fee at Aditayathorn Building service on Fl. B3-B2 will be 4,000 THB per semester.

Period April 22, – August 31, 2019.


March 13, (08.00 a.m.) to March 22, 2019 (Until 12.00 p.m.) Website only.

Fuel system check

March 13-22, 2019 At Aditayathorn building, Control Room, FL. B1.  08.30 – 11.00 a.m.


March 13-22, 2019  (Until 12.00 p.m. via Online)

Receiving parking sticker

March 27,2019 onwards At the Counter  at Aditayathorn building

Registration Process

1. Go to System (URL: )

  • Fill in your E-mail address
  • System will send you a link for registration by email.

2.  Fill in information (URL: Link for registration)

  • Name / Surname / Student ID (not repeat number)
  • E-mail/ Telephone number
  • License plate number, model, province, fuel type

3.  System will send an E- mail for identify. 
4. Fuel system check.

  • The Members since January – April 2019 that registered with old license plate number will be excepted for fuel system check.
  • Fuel system check for new register. At Control room B1 floor Aditayathorn building.Please, present documents above.
    1. Student ID card or Identity card.
    2. A Copy of vehicle possessory right document (vehicle book)

5. Payment

  • Via SCB Internet Banking 
                            – for students whose account is already linked with MUIC SKY system.
  • Cash payment at Finance Office (2nd floor, MUIC Building 1)
                            – Limited 20 slots

6. Students will have to present documents and evidence for receive parking stickers at the office no. 348
 at Aditayathorn building.

Important notice:

  • * Aditayathorn Parking is provided for your convenience.
    MUIC will not be responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or vehicle contents in Aditayathorn Parking.
  • ** The parking fee is non-refundable.
  • *** MUIC will not issue permitted temporary parking card for the car Without showing MUIC parking sticker.
  • For more information, contact 02 700 5000 ext.4308