English Studies Program

English Studies Program

English Studies Program offered at MUIC (General Education courses)

The English Studies Program is part of the General Education requirements for all majors at MUIC. This program is designed to support student success in their majors programs and in their professional lives.

The English Studies General Education Program of MUIC is dedicated to the development of critical thinking, creativity, and individuality in line with MUIC ‘s commitment to liberal education. English language is central to what makes MUIC an international college. It is a language for international communication, and as such no one people can claim unique ownership of it. The English Studies Program works to empower students to stake their own rightful claim to use English to express their own important voice to the world.

The structure of the English Studies General Education Program takes a theme-based approach to language learning. Students are given freedom to explore a variety of ideas within the scope of given themes about which they want to research, understand, and communicate to another. The teaching and learning in the English Studies Program is process-driven and student-centered. After completing the General Education requirements, it is expected that students will have attained the academic literacy skills needed to succeed in their major programs, will have developed a level of confidence to use English in public settings, and will have gained a greater sense of self equipped with a unique voice to share with the world.

Courses Offered:

Course Name
ICME 100
English Resource Skills
Non-Credit Course
ICGC 101
Academic Writing and Research I
4 credits
ICGC 102
Academic Writing and Research II
4 credits
ICGC 103
Public Speaking
4 credits
ICGC 111
Academic Writing and Research I (Advanced)
4 credits
ICGC 112
Academic Writing and Research II (Advanced)
4 credits
ICGC 201
Global Realities
4 credits
ICGC 202
Literary Analysis
4 credits
ICGC 203
Creative Writing
4 credits
ICGC 204
Advanced Oral Communication
4 credits
ICGC 205
4 credits
ICGC 206
Literature Into Film
4 credits
ICGC 207
Diverse English Speaking Cultures
4 credits
ICGC 208
Language and Culture
4 credits
ICGC 209
The Story of English
4 credits
ICGC 210
First and Second Language Acquisition
4 credits
ICGC 211
Topics in Comparative Literature A: Poetry
4 credits
ICGC 212
Topics in Comparative Literature B: The Short Story and the Novel
4 credits
ICGC 213
Topics in Comparative Literature C: Drama
4 credits

For more information, please contact English Studies Program Director Mr. Julien Hardy: julien.har@mahidol.ac.th 

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