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IHM Form / Workbook

Download IHM Form / Workbook

Course Record for ID 618xxxx

Course Record for ID 588xxxx

Course Record for ID 568xxxx

Course Record for ID 50xxxxx and above

Course Record for ID 49xxxxx and below

ICTM 461: THM Internship-I Policy

ICTM 461: THM Internship-I Application Form (THM / BBA)

ICHT 491: Hospitality Manangement: Internship-II Policy

ICHT 491: Intership Abroad : Application Form

ICHT 491: Internship-II Application Form

ICHT 491: Internship-II Application Reply Form

ICHT 491 – IHM Internship-II Workbook (without the employer’s feedback) (1)

ICHT 491 – The Employer’s Feedback Form

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Orientation Memo for Summer Internship

Overcapacity Request Form

Sample of Four Year Study Plan

THM Minor Registration Form

THM Registration Guideline

THM Study Plan Form for BM degree

THM Study Plan Form

Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Office

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Aditayathorn Building
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