Vision, Mission and Learning Outcomes: Tourism and Hospitality Management


To be amongst the world-class leaders in Tourism and Hospitality education.


  • To help facilitate students to think both laterally and critically, and also to encourage them to act professionally and ethically
  • To prepare students to be competent global citizens who can excel in the global arena through the process of life-long learning
  • To establish excellent links with the tourism and hospitality industry, to enhance both our national and international reputation in education and research, and to contribute to the tourism and hospitality industry and society at large

Programme Philosophy

The Bachelor of Management in Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship (BM-TSB) aims to produce future entrepreneurs in Travel and Service Businesses who are well equipped with both theories and practices, who can competently apply their knowledge in relation to Travel and Service Businesses, and who acts professionally and ethically, through a process of life- long learning.

Programme Goals

The BM-TSB program aims to produce graduates who

  • pose analytical ability and practical knowledge in the travel and the related service businesses;
  • be able to work up to professional standard, be ethical and have social responsibility;
  • demonstrate a good level of English proficiency, both in verbal and written communication;
  • are competent and adaptive and have cultural awareness in the global arena;
  • understand the ten Global Codes of Ethics of the United National World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and be able to apply them into practices;
  • To have an entrepreneurial and a managerial competency to develop the organizations/enterprises in travel and service businesses with sustainability mindset;

Learning Outcomes

THM graduates from BM-TSB should have the ability to:
  • Apply operational knowledge and practices in the selected travel and service business industries
  • Illustrate managerial and entrepreneurial knowledge and practices in the selected travel and service businesses.
  • Apply ethical and professional standard in the selected travel and service businesses.
  • Demonstrate good teamwork and express appropriate roles in the team working environment.
  • Apply a high level of communication standard for any project related to the travel and service businesses (way of presentation).
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural ability in terms of language communication and cultural sensitivity

Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Office

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