Chemistry Minor

To minor in Chemistry, students need to complete the following courses

ICCH 210
General Chemistry I
4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 211
General Chemistry II
4 (4-0-8)
ICCH 224
Integrated Laboratory Techniques in Chemistry I
2 (0-4-2)
ICCH  221
Organic Chemistry I
4 (4-0-8)
ICCH  222
Organic Chemistry II
4 (4-0-8)

and complete at least 8 credits from any ICCH xxx Chemistry Required Courses and/or ICCH xxx Track Required Courses for Chemistry track or Cosmetic track and/or other courses approved by the PD on a case-by-case basis.  Maximum of 12 credits can be shared with major course of the student.

Total Credits Required 26 credits