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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Major in Chemistry

The chemistry program offers two tracks, chemistry and cosmetic science, and after the second year, the students can choose to stay in the chemistry track or specialize in cosmetic science. The four specialized courses for the cosmetic science track are Dermatology, Colloid and Emulsion Chemistry, Cosmetic Science, and Pharmaceutical Science. In the first two years and half, both tracks share common chemistry courses such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Career Opportunities

  • Quality control or quality assurance positions or as a research scientist in local and multinational chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic science manufacturing and related industries.
  • Research assistant in private sector and governmental services department.
  • Customer relations and as technical-support in sales and marketing team for local and international chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic science related companies.
  • Entrepreneurship in applied chemical and cosmetic industries.

Course Structure

Course Category Credits
Foundation Courses Non-credit
General Education Courses 44 credits
– English Communication
16 credits
– Natural Sciences
 4 credits
– Humanities and Languages
12 credits
– Social Sciences
8 credits
– Physical Education
4 credits
Major Courses 132 credits
– Core Courses
42 credits
– Major Required Courses
62 credits
– Required Major Courses
16 credits
– Elective Major Courses
12 credits
Free Electives  8 credits
Total Credits Required No Less Than 184 Credits Note: If students are placed into the ‘Advanced Track’ for their General Education requirement in English Communication, 4 credits of General Education in English Communication will be waived.

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