Pursue your dream no matter what

“Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”

Have you ever faced problems such as your dream failing to match with your parents’ expectations? You need to make a decision whether you will follow your parents’ wishes or pursue your dream. Some people may say, ‘Just do whatever you want. That’s your life!’, but sometimes it causes a conflict with your family because your parents totally disagree with your decision. Would you still be happy to do that? You do not want to be a disobedient child, however, you also want to follow your heart’s desire. For those who have this dilemma, here is a valuable suggestion from one of our alumna, Ms. Monica Singh or “Diana.”

Diana is probably one of a million people who face this problem. She realized that her parents only have the best intentions; nevertheless her parents’ plans do not correspond to her own. Diana loves to sing—and would’ve wanted to be a professional singer, but she had to follow her parents’ wishes and earn a living. She started her career working as a marketing executive for a year. Then she studied for Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. After graduating, she worked as a project manager at WPP.

“I was working so hard at WPP as a project manager from 9 a.m. to midnight. Then somebody called me and asked, ‘Are you interested to join my program?’, so I resigned the next day and joined the program. I believe that everybody has dreams. You dream to be something. You dream to be somebody. I also dream to be somebody. At the same time, my parents also expect to see me being able to live on my own, in case they won’t be beside me anymore. At the time that I joined the contest, I didn’t tell my parents because my dad will disapprove. ‘You would never be successful,’ he would tell me. At the same time, I tried to study hard. I got a 3.00 for my GPA. I told myself that if they did not let me pursue my dream, then I will pursue their dream for me. So I fulfilled my parents’ dream first. I have just completed my Master’s degree when I finally learned that my dream career can help me earn a good income. So in the end, I would not let go. I would let whatever I had studied to support me as somebody.”

Because of her love of brand-name bags, she launched a company called GML Group under the brand “Ge maLong.” She is also the TV host at FG Family Gang program on Channel 3 and does the thing she loves, singing. She finally discovered that her love for singing can also give her a great opportunity since she can promote herself and her brand. For one who was interested in putting up a start-up business, Diana also added, ‘It’s very difficult tending to my business. I used to work as an employee…As the leader, I have to keep telling my workers that it’s good, it’s going well. It’s going to be okay; at the same time, things were not okay. So the best leaders need to be passionate and very inspired.”

Asked what important lessons she had learned from her alma mater, Mahidol University International College (MUIC), Diana said, “The connection or networks you establish while in university are very important.” According to Diana, because of the support of her professor in MUIC, she was able to bring her products to well-known department stores. “You might not realize how important a network is until 2-3 years later.”

Diana quoted a famous proverb, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” When pursuing your goal in life, you can overcome obstacles because of your passion, your passion to do something that you love. Whatever you learn from MUIC can help fulfill your goal, so be proud of being an MUIC student!”