FAQs for Academic Positions

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FAQs for Academic Positions


There are 2 regulations and you can follow either one of them:

  1. The Committee of Civil Servants in Higher Education Institutes (“Gor Por Aor”) on Criteria and Procedures for Consideration on the Appointment for the Position of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor B.E. 2563. This regulation can be followed only until 23rd June B.E. 2565 (2022 C.E.).

2. Mahidol University Regulations on Academic Positions B.E. 2561 and additional issues 2 and 3.


You can be the only one who signs it, but the contribution has to be equal.

The contribution can actually be divided, but the applicant has to give the reason why that person cannot sign.

Applicant’s qualifications

Yes, full-time or part-time adjunct lecturers can make a request for academic positions. S/he has to have the official appointment of being an adjunct lecturer and the Dean’s approval memo for requesting the academic position.

Submitted works

No, MU will not accept proceedings, even if it is published in the accepted database.

No, unless the paper is also listed in other accepted databases as specified by “Gor Por Aor”.

Yes, if the number of pages of all chapters meets the requirement: 30 pages for Assistant Professorship, 50 pages for Associate Professorship, and 80 pages for Professorship.
1. All chapters must be the same topic of work.
2. The size of the pages should be in the format of quarto books.

Teaching Evaluation

According to the current regulations, you can submit at least one chapter until 23rd June B.E. 2565 (2022 C.E.).

There is no specific requirement for the maximum number of pages, but the content needs to be clear and understandable.

You can attach the Powerpoint presentation as an appendix only.

Normally your Chair and PD or an expert in your field evaluates your teaching. In case you are the chairperson, the evaluators will be the Dean and another representative.

Ethics Approval

No, you do not need to apply in this case. Only for works that involve human or animal subjects you need to attach the Ethics Approval.

You have to attach the evidence to proof that they do not require the Ethics Approval. In case there was a requirement of an Ethics Approval after your publication dates, you also can present that one.