Serving society — we learned to give rather than to take!

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My name is Mr. Nattawut “Boom” Wetprasit, THM Alumni from Class of 518. I recently finished my master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian Business School in Norway. This opportunity was fully sponsored by the Norwegian government. I applied for this scholarship in order for me to be able to participate in development efforts for my region and my country. I wanted to gain industrial psychological knowledge.

This chapter of my life was another turning point to make me even more independent and mature. As a THM student under training at Salaya Pavillion, we learned that if you would like to reach the top in a hotel, you have to experience first being a frontline staff. I had a part-time job as a dishwasher in a restaurant in Oslo. It was tiring and unpleasant but it taught me that no matter how intelligent you are if you do not experience the job yourself, you would not understand how the people who do this job feel. This also taught me how difficult it is to earn money and survive the month. At MUIC, we learned to be analytical and critical but I still had to learn to be even more analytical in class about what we are learning so that I can join the class discussion and apply my knowledge. The learning is important but at the end of the day, what is more important is the impact that we make to society.

I conducted my research on the hospitality sector of Thailand. It is specifically about the management trainee program and local young leaders. The results of my research proved to be useful for the re-structuring of the accelerated leadership program for one of the leading hotel chains in the world. Being an MUIC student unlocked so many great opportunities in my life. Aside from the high quality of the education, I was taught to serve society. It was instilled in my mind that I should apply what I have learned for the benefit of society. We learned to give rather than to take. Up until today, as Director of HR at Crowne Plaza Vientiane, I continue to give meaningful knowledge, opportunity, and development to others.