Sky takes blue away from you

Greetings from Inner Peace club, welcome to “Sky takes blue away from you” activity. If you have been feeling blue, our activity will be a pleasure to take it away from you!

How to complete activity:
1. Take a picture of your favorite sky
2. Describe your sky with “three creative adjectives” using hashtags 
3. Tag @innerpeaceclub_muic with 2 MUIC friends
4. Post your completed sky on your Instagram story
5. Screenshot your story and complete the google form

The most aesthetic sky photo and description will receive the prizes accordingly:
First place – 700 Baht
Second place – 500 Baht
Third place – 300 Baht

Submission Period: 8-14 November 2021 at 11 PM 

1 hour in Health Literacy & 1 hour in Digital Literacy provided for all participants